On January 8th, 2010 the Houston International boat show first time ever saw a 100% portable cable system which needs no anchors run indoors. Even though the Sesitec System 2.0 is portable you typically need to anchor it, whether that is with in ground anchors or above ground anchors. As displayed in Houston at the Camp Wake booth we incorporated the anchoring system into the towers. You can put this anywhere you can imagine without a customized anchoring system. It also comes with an electric winch, which will pull up and drop down your System 2.0 towers with no effort. The System 2.0 can be set up and ready to ride in a couple hours.

Klint Calone purchased his Sessitec System 2.0 from The Wake Park Project in early November. He will be using it for a wakeboard camp he is launching this summer in Houston named Camp Wake. Since he had the system early he decided to bring it into the boat show to pull demo rides. The interesting part is that he was not pulling riders across water in a pool. He was pulling them across carpet. It was amazing to see how many kids actually tried it and learned some of the basics. Camp Wake pulled over 2,000 kids during the week long boat show with the System 2.0.

For more information about Camp Wake check out http://campwake.com/

For more information about the system 2.0 check out http://www.thewakeparkproject.com/