A lot of you local Florida rippers joined in the fun this past saturday for the 2nd Blast all wakeskate contest put on by the boys at FL Wake and with the help of Oak, NEW, Devotid, Sattelyte, UGP, S.P.O.T., Helium, Peter Glenn and Urth Wakeskates. I think about 80% of Florida's wakeskating population was there. It was an awesome turnout, with some where around 50 riders signing up. Those riders also brought a crowd with them. With a man like Grasso on the mic and celeb judges like David Hanson, and alternate judges Stu Shinn, Kyle Hyams, Greg Brewer, and TJ Geisy, who couldn’t resist but hang out all day and scope out some sick riding. What made it even sicker was that Ben Caruso showed up to help judge as well and pull masters Josh Kirby and Chad Thompson were there to pull the riders all day long. I know what your thinking, sounds like another bro fest. Wrong. Ladies got to join in on the fun too with the first ever Blast womens division.

The beginners division brought out a bunch of up and comers. There were some sick shuvs and three shuvs being layed down. Michael Pahl took first, second went to Chris Zachary, third went to Greg Brewer and forth went Tad Matthews. Next up were the ladies. They showed everyone that they can rip just as hard as the guys. It was Tori Chadsey who took first with a combination of shuvs, flat 3 shuvs and an in to out 3 shuv. Second went to Jen Gilanfarr and third to Summer Hamadeh. As the divisions changed so did the tricks. In advanced, kick flips front and back bigs were being thrown. Sam Langley claimed first with some steezy back bigs thrown in his run, Scotty Bass one second and third went to Kyle McCutcheon. When it was time for the pros to hit the water they hit it hard with some popped frontside and backside flips, kickys, and varials. Andrew Fortenberry held down third in pro with some sick frontside flips. Andrew Pastura snagged second by laying down every variation of a 360 possible as well as some sick kickys and a varial flip. It was Nick Taylor who took the win, cashing in with a sweet backside flip and other flip trickery. One thing I cant leave out from the pro heat was John Ruarks insanely close 3flip attempts off the kicker. After the awards were given out it was time to hit the pool. It consisted of a mellow ledge that the riders could get pretty tech on. Unfortunately the winch was not keeping up and with the fading light and increasing amount of mosquitoes, so the boys called it quits and packed up. Who knows what will happen at the next chapter of the Blast contest. See you guys there.