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With so many cable edits floating around out there we thought it was time for some good old fashion Wakeboarding behind the boat and Team Hyperlite delivers. Enjoy this compilation from our time at Bethy Creek Resort in Texas featuring JD Webb, Kyle Alberts, Raimi Merritt, Jimmy LaRiche, Mike Schwenne, Trever Maur, Shaun Murray, Brian Grubb and Rusty Malinoski! These trips are the best, if you’re a fan of the sport you’ll enjoy watching this a few times and then you’ll be amped to get out there yourself!  Have a great season, it’s warming up!

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14 Responses to “Team Hyperlite Delivers Wakeboarding”

  1. chad Says:

    if you have system binders and you’re not attempting 1 footers, you are doing it wrong.

  2. Bill Dance Says:

    Its so relieving to realize there are people riding in this world who still use a boat.

  3. f Says:

    boat edits>cable

  4. Holtan Says:

    Murray getting stretched out

  5. Duff Says:

    Keep these coming

  6. Aaron Snow Says:

    BETHY CREEK!!!!!!

  7. J.B. O'Neill Says:

    a boat edit definitely beats a cable edit!

    too bad fuel is so expensive :(

  8. dudes Says:

    Seen it all before…its like having an edit of only xl kickers,..not sure how this is better than a good cable edit. Learn what tricks are and youll realize how much variety there is on the cable that this edit doesn’t have… and everyone doing the same tricks theyve done for 10 years literally seen jimmy do those forever…One footers were dope though

  9. yeaaa Says:

    Woah, people riding behind boat! Years ago I never would have thought this would be what is now seemingly rare. 1-footers looked good!

  10. ricketts Says:

    @dudes, Its alot different riding water instead of plastic

  11. Todd Packer Says:

    I would rather watch an hour long video of different variations of 180’s done behind the boat than watch a 5 minute cable video. After all, it is WAKEboarding.

  12. Alex Says:

    Gotta agree with what the dude says! Jim Lariche needs to throw some new moves into these edits…

  13. Haters=jealousy Says:

    Haters going to hate. Got hate in your heart let it out

  14. haha Says:

    boring, same shit every boat edit ever. so should SNOWboarders stay off the rails too? i would rather watch one daniel grant kicker hit on repeat than every boat edit combined


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