Stop by www.ten-80.com to check out two new collections of products from Ten-80 for 2009.  The Eleven collection by Ten-80 features styles of clothing and wakeboard accessories based off inspiration from late night jam sessions, warm beer, and dive bars.  With gritty designs and raw, in your face patterns, it will be sure to strike a chord with you.  Once you finish with the Eleven collection, check out the other products inspired by an era when free love, peace protests, and psychedelic fashion were a way of life in the Haze collection by Ten-80.   And while your visiting the site stay up to date on all the news and articles related to Ten-80, team riders, and where to get your hands on all the fresh new gear arriving this Spring. 

About-   www.ten-80.com/about
Since 2004 Ten-80 has been focused on creating high quality apparel, vests, and accessories for the wakeboarding lifestyle. Ten-80 has always been and will continue to be about wakeboarding……We are passionate about the sport and its our mission to blow wake up as big as we can. Ten-80 products can now be found in over 20 countries and has achieved global recognition. So whether its behind a boat on your lake or from a cable park in Germany, Ten-80 rocks it!!

100% of Ten-80's products are designed in house by our own product development team. They work closely with our team of riders to produce a unique line of products specifically for wake. Ten-80 has introduced the first casual boardshort that has bridged the gap between the classic surf style short and a stylish walk short. Its unique fit, special material, and attention to fine detail makes our breakthrough short ideal for wakeboarders. In addition, Ten-80 has taken a step further to produce high quality, water resistant accessories that compliment these unique shorts.  Don't be fooled by the imitators…

Our commitment is to invest 100% of our profits back into the wakeboarding industry.  From grass roots to professional, Ten-80 supports wakeboarding at all levels.

Don't be fooled by companies that claim to be wake- find out by going to their website and ask yourself whats the first thing you see?

Ten-80- Live, Ride, Protect