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Having a GoPro camera and a friend to ride doubles with at the park always makes riding fun. Terry Bailey and Justin Teich take a few laps around OWC.

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14 Responses to “Terry Bailey and Justin Teich at OWC”

  1. standards? Says:

    the industry standard was just lowered 1000%

  2. typo Says:

    amateur hour?

  3. nini Says:

    I thought this was pretty nice to watch actually. Its riding i can relate too. Definitely amateur hour though.

  4. Justin Harrelson Says:

    Some kids put together a video and shared it. I thought it was good. It doesn’t have to be labeled Am Hour. I don’t think they are trying to pass themselves off a “pro”.

    Thanks for the video. I’m sure if these young guys make another one next year it will only be better.

  5. bro Says:

    If I see one more terry or teich video I think I’m going to die

  6. shredy Says:


  7. OH Says:

    good stuff. terry kills it.

  8. Haha Says:

    No grab + front 5 + ass check = LAST TRICK BANGER!!!

  9. Pussy Says:

    Terry is a vagina

  10. dude Says:

    Justin you look like a f*ing retard out there hahahahhaahahahhaaah terry you look even worse you faggot. both of you need to wake the fuck up.

  11. RealTalk Says:

    I enjoyed the edit.

    haha I can’t believe some of the comments people feel the need to post on here.. Go neck yourselves you miserable cunts.

  12. Poser Says:

    Haters haha, nice boys.

  14. Francis Parkinson Says:

    Hey common guys, the edit wasnt that bad! Im not gonna say its anywhere the best ive seen, but i expected a whole lot worse by looking at the comments!


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