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Kids Wakeboard Kompetition

This group of kiddos are truly a site to see with riding abilities that would make some adults jealous.  These 12 and under athletes prove that they are the future of wakeboarding every time they ride. We have rescheduled the Saturday July 15th Kid’s Komp to July 22nd due to conflicting schedules with the Texas INT Tour.  We wanted to be sure to give our regular competitors the opportunity to compete in both the INT Tour and our Kid’s Komp. Saddly enough Kid’s Komps are coming to an end so be sure to get the kiddos registered. August 12th will be our final Komp for the summer!

TSR Thursday Night Showdowns
We have only two showdowns left for July. The Rain has came and our boat lake is full. Don’t miss your opportunity to hit the new flat rail or the renovated A-Frame behind the all new MasterCraft X-2. Tom Fooshee was last weeks pro division winner but look for Gabe Lucas and the rest of the pack to contend for the remaining titles. There is divisions for everyone so don’t miss out! Every rider receives a FREE T-Shirt!

July 22
TSR Kid’s Kompetition
Aug 12
TSR Final Kid’s Kompetition
July 20: Boat
July 27: Boat

Sale at TSR

Pro Shop: We just received a new shipment of Texas Ski Ranch t-shirts and with a copy of this e-mail you may buy one at regular price and receive a second for half off.  Also if you print out this email you can get 25% off the original price of swimwear, boardshorts, and rashguards on or before July 29th, 2006. You may not combine this discount with any other offer! Expires July 29th, 2006.

Service Deptartment: Get 10% off boat details! expires July 29th, 2006.

Ask a TSR Pro

Question: How do you get air on the cable without the wake of the boat?

Answer: Because the cable pulls you from so much higher, you get much more height from loading the line than behind a boat. Tricks that you edge through the wake (Raileys, Rolls and Fronts) are ideal to learn on the cable. You can actually get more air on the cable than off the wake. Many tricks have been made on a cable that have never even been attempted behind a boat. For tricks that you do not edge hard on we use kickers to get our height.

Sunshine Kids: On June 15, TSR was fortunate enough to receive a visit from the Sunshine Kids. They spent the day participating in such action sports as, wakeboarding, tubing, rock climbing, and also had some great photo opportunities on a motorcycle and hot air balloon. Heath Voss, 2004 World Supercross GP Champion, found the time to hang out, take pictures, and give autographs to these wonderful kids.