What is "The Picnic"? The Picnic is basically just an excuse to take off from work and have a fun couple days at the lake that you all can come out and just hang out w/ friends and chill on the water… oh yea and watch some of the best wakeboarders in the midwest as they compete throughout the day in 5 different open divisions on Saturday.

Double Knuckle is a private lake owned by the Fremont YMCA and they are allowing us to use the lake for the day in exchange for us doing a couple clinics for 'em- I say it was a good trade because wait til you see the lake. It will be our best contest ever!!! If it is anything like last year's event this is a DON'T MISS EVENT! The water conditions will be amazing… we have the whole lake to ourselves. Double Knuckle is a private lake, so unfortunately public boats are not welcome, nor is there public camping access. Because we have limited this year's contests to one event, we are expecting a huge showing of the areas top riders in all divisions. The event will feature 5 divisions- Novice, Intermediate, Women, Advanced, & Outlaw. So, there will be riders of all levels- so YES, YOU SHOULD RIDE IN IT! The contest and demo will be pulled by 2) Malibu 21' Wakesetter VLX's. So here's your chance to ride behind THE PREMIERE WAKE BOAT on the market! We've got tons of prizes and such to be given away all day long. It will be alot of fun for everyone- riders AND spectators.

The day will be a hot one, so please be sure to bring a cooler stocked w/ water and your other favorite beverages to keep yourself hydrated. BRING CHAIRS IF YOU WANNA SIT- the venue is on a large sand beach and there is nowhere to sit but the ground if you don't bring chairs! You are welcome to bring tents for shade, as well- just bring whatever you would to enjoy a fun day at the lake!!!

For more info go to www.wakeboardnebraska.com  or  www.wnsboardhouse.com