April 5th, 2013 by Submitted

The Backyard Series is back and they brought a few new friends like Marc Kroon, Keenan Allen, JB ONeill. Keeping things clean, they decided to throw a little Less Than 5 steeze into the mix.

Video from JB ONeill

18 Responses to “The Backyard Series – Episode 2”

  1. Charlton Says:

    I swear JB ONeill is always killin’ it…. ALWAYS

  2. Jacob_p Says:

    Boosting so large!

  3. Defend Awesome Says:

    way to hijack that song from the Capita movie Defenders of Awesome

  4. Defend Is a D bag ^^^ Says:

    I didn’t realize that once a song has been used in a video it was never allowed anywhere else. Quit hating and get on their level. These guys are killin it and these edits are sick! Looking forward to next weeks too. No one else is throwing out videos right now, much less one per week! Keep it up, when peep start hating it mean you are doing something right!

  5. whatwasthat Says:

    what was that lol you think if your going to make a video thats less then 5s do some tricks that look good ? that was terrible

  6. Bro Says:

    Huge 3s, tweaked out Indy glides and bs 180s to the flats… Keep em coming guys, this stuff gets me pumped to get out and ride!

  7. mjd Says:

    whatwasthat, you’re a moron.

  8. tehehe Says:

    yeah, what maurice said!!

  9. Mista Holmes Says:

    Nice haircut JB! Oh, and as always, great footage! Haul that beast to Texas and let’s kil it!
    Hope all is well, great riding!
    Mista Holmes

  10. box smasher Says:

    looks like you need to go out and find some box to smash whatwasthat

  11. alex Says:

    nice zeach grab !!!!

  12. Pete Says:

    Love these edits! So sick! Thanks for making number 2!. I wouldnt care if we saw the same guys, doin the same tricks each week. i just love having a cool wake vid to watch. Thanks. Glad to see Keenan gettin some style, and as always, JB for prez, Marc did pretty good too!

  13. liquor kicker launch-o poncho Says:

    can you please throw some bitchez n hoes on some tubes behind that fucking monster of a water-vessel,wake-boat for next week!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! plz plz?
    ps……careful wit dem kneez this looks extreme as fuq

  14. liquor kicker launch-o poncho Says:

    o yee and to:Defend Awesome,
    i cant FUCKEN believe you forgot about Lipsmack.asshole

    ..wait, maybe we have people who dont even wakeboard blowing up this site with hate!? O M F G

  15. Two Eyes Says:

    Dear Hmmm,
    I cant take you serious till you post with your real name.

  16. 40oz Says:

    JB ONeill = Huge air.

  17. bluegrass wake Says:

    Sick riding, sick grabs. It looks painful to land that far into the flats. Love seeing the double grabs

  18. MatttheMurph Says:

    J bizzle I don’t know about the haircut dude! Sick riding as always. Praying for better weather this week. When are we gonna see you land 10 w2w or stop a big dick??


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