As You all know Sean Kilgus Is STILL filming for his new video "Drive." This is probably my fourth article about shooting with Sean, but don't hate me for it, I'm just the middleman; I don't write the news, I tell it.


All of the riders in Sean's new film seem to have an ongoing joke about the fact that almost every time we get together to ride there are at least 7 or 8 people involved and it takes hours more than anticipated, but at the same time this seems to be the beauty of the experience. Last week we had about 15 people over at JD Webb's pad to hit some double ups and a few top secret rails that JD built exclusively for the video. It is because of this that I had to censor some of the riding photo's with the handy dandy eraser tool. Sean agreed to let me post a few "teaser" shots of the rails, but you'll have to buy the video to see the real deal in your face and uncensored. I can however give you a few hints…One rail actually goes inverted for a portion of the slide and the highest point on the other rail was 32 feet tall!


Other festivities: Rusty and Chad managed to hit some double ups (rusty brought his own boat just so he could hit "his" double ups), we watched a K-9 long- jump demo, skated the mini, ate some of the finest Bar-B-Q in town, played a game of basketball and football, Rusty demonstrated a pile-driver, and we also hung out by the fire pit. 


Don't tell my boss, but I love my job.