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Man a week goes by quick, hence the modification of the title. So here it is, the second “Weekly TENspot”. What do wakeboarders do when their career on the water is complete? Well most of them stay within the industry designing boards, managing athletes, or marketing new products but for those who wish to venture outside of the industry, I came up with a list of possible career paths fit for the skills of an X-pro wakeboarder. Enjoy.

Tour boat driver on a Wild water Safari – Lets face it, there’s no one more qualified to operate a boat like this than a professional wakeboarder. In a standard career most riders will spend over 1000 hours in the drivers seat constantly stopping going, parking, reversing, and claiming that they are the best boat driver in the world. This is their chance to prove it.

Video game tester – Get online during a game of Halo or Call of Duty and your bound to partner up with a pro rider. There’s a handful of guys who have more hours on their x-box than they do on their boats, so why don’t they just get paid for their expert opinions?

Pit bull breeder – Before you can officially be dubbed “pro”, you have to first put rims on your truck and second…get a pit bull. Watson and Grubb are in the club as are BT and Ruck. If they all just got together for an afternoon barbecue and the dogs accidentally did the deed, they could all be looking at a fat bonus check when the pups arrive.

Food critic – Pro riders love to eat, and when at home, have an abundance of time to do so. After a day on the water the biggest debate is where to go for dinner, and everyone has their opinions. From wine and cheese to beers and burrito’s, their minds are overflowing with endless options when it comes to food. If you’re looking for local knowledge on the hottest spots, ask a pro (except BT, he eats In N’ Out EVERY day twice a day when in Cali and never gets tired of it).

Model – I’m just going to throw this out there; Wakeboarders have the bodies of Greek Gods. Thousands of years from now there will be marble sculptures of guys like me in the nude with wakeboard handles in our hands. Women will study our figures to earn college degree’s and our sculptures will sell for 13 billion dollars on ebay.

Wrestler – Not only are wakeboarders comfortable on camera, they are also extremely strong and competitive. These are the key ingredients to becoming a pro wrestler or MMA fighter. Former pro wakeboarder Wes Brisco has already stepped into the big leagues of Wrestling and Rusty is said to have trained with real MMA fighters.

Aftermarket truck specialist – Lift Kits, custom suspension, gun racks, 35 inch wheels and 4 x 4 are standard on most trucks in our business. These guys spend so much time studying truck accessories that they may as well just open up shop and do the modifications themselves.

World Poker Tour – This is another one of those careers that involves having way too much time on your hands. The guys out in Clermont have had a love affair with the game for quite some time and several of them are actually quite good. Why not move to Vegas and spend the days drinking free cocktails and gambling? If they don’t come out on top they can always fall back on a Chippendale’s gig.

Pro Golfer –This is probably the least likely career path for an ex- wakeboarder, but if Danny Harf want’s to take a stab at it he could have a real shot. He’s only 25 and already kicks serious ass on the coarse, plus most pro golfers don’t come into their prime till the 35-50 year old range. That gives him at least 10 years practice.

Pyramid scheme – If all else fails you can always just sell “a great opportunity” to 10 friends and then have them sell that same opportunity to 10 more friends and so on. I’ve got a Multi level business plan in the works right now to sell flavored air (so every breath tastes reminds you of flank steak). Ill sell you 5 units for 15K sound good?