Right now, more so then ever, the cable sector of our sport is exploding. For quite some time only a handful of cable parks have existed in the US and even fewer would be considered “legit” by today’s standards. But the vision and effort for better parks has far exceeded the challenges it takes to get a cable up and running as new parks are popping up in awesome locations.

New parks couldn’t be coming on line at a better time. Not only are cable parks a total blast to ride on but with our county’s current economic challenges, a ride at a cable park is far less expensive then a set behind the boat. Cable parks are also becoming new test beds for boards and gear as we have every type of rider hitting every type of obstacle every lap. This is offering valuable data helping brands make stronger boards with a verity of bases more conducive to sliding structures. Most parks also have amazing pro shops attached to the facility with staff members that can actually help put you on the best setup for your needs.

Recently a few of the Alliance and Liquid Force crew road tripped through part of the Midwest on what could be called The Cable Corridor, Route 35. From KC Watersports in Hillsdale Kansas to Texas Ski Ranch, which sits between Austin and San Antonio Texas, you can currently link three of our nations better cable parks when you include the Oklahoma Cable Park in the middle. With a fourth park The Wake Sport Ranch in Fort Worth set to open late this summer, and a Sesitec System 2.0 already running at Texas MasterCraft, route 35 is shaping up to become the cable corridor.  All of these parks offer something unique and different from one another and each have some of the nicest people working there we’ve ever met. We frequently preach about how fun a wakeboarding and wakeskating road trip can be and this trip hits the top-ten mark. Not only is the travel vast and extensive, but the cost is a fraction of what it would take to do the same towing a boat (we did it in Scions). No matter what, you will come away from your roadie being able to hit rails like a champ.

As more parks open this summer such as Wake Nation in Cincinnati Ohio and McCormick’s in Tampa Florida, we’ll continue to help unearth the value and share the fun we have while riding at cable parks. Thank you to everyone that helped make our road trip one of the best road trips we’ve taken. An even bigger thank you to Texas’s finest state trooper for the 30-minute interrogation…you’re still welcome to search our car.

Look for a future editorial on our road trip in the magazine and on alliancewake.com including a special cable park edition of the Dustpan in the near future.