As some of you may have heard, the third not-so-annual Carnival contest is taking place this Friday and Saturday at The Projects in Orlando, FL.  Today was an official practice day for all the riders entered in the contest, and let's just say that if a bomb would have fallen out of the sky and struck this precious rail park, the sport of wakeboarding would no longer exist. Seriously, everyone who is anyone is entered in this freak-show. The rails are high and the water is low, so I’m sure we are all in for a big treat. Some of the highlight hammer droppers from the last few days of practice include the guys known for their ridiculous rail skills like Parks, Keith Lidberg, Rob Jacques, Shawn Watson, and Collin Harrington, as well as some unknowns like a few French-Canadiens (notably the Derome bros.) and grom ripper Daniel Powers.

So, if you happen to be in Orlando this week and feel like getting out of the house for a breath of forest fire smelling air, stop by The Projects and witness the best riders in the world as they compete for the championship belt. Also, if you have stilts, a unicycle, elephants, or a tiny uncle who is good at the tight-rope, bring them out too. Afterall, it is The Carnival.