April 10th, 2012 by garrettcortese

Nick + Remote = Good Things To Come

In a move most people would have never predicted, Nick Taylor has left longtime wakeskate sponsor Integrity and joined up with the boys on Remote. For the past seven years Nick’s name, face, moves, style, everything have been synonymous with the Integrity brand. He was easily the most successful and most established pro on the Integrity program, but saying it was time for a change, Nick has joined forces with team Remote. The change didn’t come from hard feelings or any sort of politics, in fact, Nick is still and will always remain grateful to Erich Schmaltz and Integrity. Check out the welcome video from the Remote team below, and look for another quick clip and some quotes from Nick later today.

Don't worry, Nick hasn't had any trouble adjusting to a new deck

Video By Yan Lecomte

7 Responses to “The Change-Up: Nick Taylor Joins Remote”

  1. Steven Says:

    No. Way. That’s crazy! The Remote boards are so different from an Integ too. It’s so thick and dished out compared to thin and slightly concave… I want to hear his thoughts on the design or if he changed anything on his Remote board.

    Anyways I’m glad to hear hear you’ve found a new sponsor in Remote Nick! I hope to see you at McCormick’s sooner than later on your new board!

  2. hmmm. Says:

    also picked up rockstar?

  3. jo mama Says:

    He’s been on Rockstar for years

  4. skater Says:


  5. Tyson R. Geninatti Says:

    I agree with Steven. interesting…

  6. Sawyer Davis Says:

    mad props nick and to the recruting skills of the remote boys.. stock just went up :)

  7. kidnip Says:

    nick taylor is sexy


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