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Corey Kraut was a young aspiring professional wakeboarder who made an ill-fated decision to ride without a life jacket and it cost him his life. Watch as Greg Nelson tells the emotional story of how he lost one of his best friends due to the fact he was not wearing a life jacket. Life jackets save lives – wear it.

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12 Responses to “The Corey Kraut Life Jacket Story”

  1. J.B. O'Neill Says:

    definitely a good watch. Thanks for sharing this video Alliance, and thanks Greg for telling this story.

  2. Datguy Says:

    Its hard to believe it happened that way, stars really have to align. But you are right, and safety should never be disregarded. Rest in peace

  3. mwp Says:

    Such a sick rider! Wakeboarding misses you Corey. Monkey spinnin for life!

  4. Brian Says:

    Hard to believe it’s been 14 years since that summer… RIP Corey

  5. Greg Nelson Says:

    Yup, Corey is and always will be one of the best in my book, Just the other night we were talking about what it would be like today with him in our lives.Thanks Alliance for remembering Corey and promoting safe riding! -GN

  6. Fabian Montoya Says:

    He was a special friend miss you all the time Cordell!!

  7. Darren Scott Says:

    Corey will always be a special friend he will be in our hearts till we see him again this kid new how to bring out the best in everyone no matter what please always wear your jacket so your friends don’t ever go through what we had to. keep him in your heart much love Corey see you on the other side. Ds

  8. Matt,Niki,Aaron &Corey,Asparagus Family❤️ Says:

    We named our youngest son after Corey..Anyone who knew Corey was Corey’s best friend. He had a smile that lot up the world and a heart that was big enough to make everyone feel they were the best! Not a day goes by that we do not miss his laughter, talent & amazing ability to love so hard! Losing Corey so suddenly and to something he was such a natural at, has opened all of our eyes & hearts. to this day, we do not allow anyone even near the docks without a life jacket… No matter how shallow the water. Such a hard lesson learned. Til we meet again on that perfect double up in the sky! Lots of loves our beautiful friend
    asparagus Matt, Niki, Aaron & Corey ❤️❤️

  9. Denise Gardner-Smith Says:

    My son Donnie is married to Kelly, Corey’s sister, I wish I would have had the chance to meet this wonderful young man. I know my family would have loved him.

  10. BOB BARNA Says:

    This is Uncle Bob….
    Greg Nelson thanks for the Corey Kraut story…. I was there with you, his mom Nancy and all of the family crying and morning the loss of Corey……What a great person he was and “IS” because Corey lives forever in my heart and memories. I have his wakeboarding picture in my shop on my wall and see him everyday and can feel the ” MUCH LOVE FROM ABOVE ” that Corey cast downs to all of us everyday……..
    RIP “”””””Corey Kraut””””” XOXOXOXO From Uncle Bob and Aunt Suzy

  11. Zak Stone Says:

    RIP Corey!! Monkey Spins for life!!

  12. Chandra Elam Says:

    Thanks Alliance & GN for making this awesome tribute to Corey. Like DS said, always wear your life vest & watch your friends closely, to make sure they do too. A community never fully recovers from a loss like this. Corey’s riding style, to this day, is idolized & unparalleled, the West Coast Monkey lives in so many hearts, <3, "Sandals"


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