May 24th, 2013 by alliance

“The Debut” is a film about people who once found their passion.
It is a film about people who love wakeboarding.
The world‘s best riders will be followed on their journey all over the world.
High-end production techniques will capture their riding, the places they go to and who they really are.

13 Responses to “The Debut”

  1. Steve Says:

    Brenton Presley

  2. pat Says:

    spring 2012 ='[

  3. pat Says:

    whoops* spring 2014 ='[

  4. hmm Says:


  5. Rob Russell Says:

    Looks so sick, something new for a change.

  6. Steee Low Says:

    DaaaaaDAMNNNN N

  7. Taylor Hanley Says:

    Yea Andy!

  8. willie Says:

    we want more we want more

  9. Stoked! Says:

    Looks amazing…good work fellas

  10. Riley Says:


  11. Andrew Masi Says:

    When i watched the bonus footage that andy edited in impact i knew this kid was going to be the next big thing for film! amazing cityscape and long exposure work! so excited to see this!

  12. Jojo Says:

    Best wakrboard film ever for sure.

    Where is situated the cable where we see Raph riding ?

  13. jack Says:

    what are the song names?


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