As if Danny Harf weren't good enough as a wakeboarder (you know, PWT Champ, 4x X-Games gold medalist, Mr. 1260, and countless other accolades and awards…), he has to go out and kick everybody else's butt in other things, too. In this case, that other thing is golf. A couple days ago D. Harf was out playing a round with the likes of Parks Bonifay and some other super pros, when they approached a 315-yard Par 4. Parks says the tee was about 50-60 above the green with the flag hidden behind some trees. Danny pulled out his driver and sent the ball for a ride. When him and Parks got to the green they found the divet where it impacted, but couldn't find the ball. After searching for a few mintues outside of the green Danny walked up to the hole and there it was. A freaking hole in one on a Par 4. A double eagle. The fabled Albatross! If that doesn't deserve a "SNAP DRAGON!" I don't know what does. Actually, I think that shot should just be renamed the SNAP DRAGON. Nice work, Danny, way to continually make the rest of us look like inferior members of the human species chain.