Officially on Tuesday March 9th 2010, Empire Wake will expand into the Nation of Texas and stake its claim as the pro/am series covering the region. This past summer while the Empire Wake crew was in Texas for the Collegiate Wake Series, they discovered the treasures and gifts that the Lone Star state had to offer. It was abundant with talented riders, great people, beautiful women and refreshing lakes.  We ate the fruit and now are moving the head office to Austin.

Empire Wake is a rider built and rider run organization created to help define a certain level of wakeboarding and help grow the future riders. The goal is to give amateur riders a series in which they can work their way to a pro level rider. Empire Wake will help the up and comers get sponsors, media coverage and exposure.

The success of the Atlas Wake Series in the Mid Atlantic region has sprung a demand all over the country for the series to come to their area. However, Texas has shown why it is one of the top places for the future of wakeboarding.

The Texas Wake Series will look to pull riders from Louisiana and Oklahoma as well.  Both these states have shown the same love for wakeboarding we are looking for.

“Attitude of the riders are one of the most important things to us.” Says Rob Mendieta the owner and founder of Empire Wake. “These aren’t just contest to everyone, it is a sense of community. If everyone is positive and having a good time it is infectious.”

For all the details for the 3 tours, check out the all new website at

Thanks for wakeboarding!