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Photo: Spencer G Smith

Story by Ricky G

The first annual WSR HQ Halloween party was held this year on October 30th. With not a lot of time to plan we definitely pulled it off. WSR HQ was decorated inside and out. We had black lights, food and beverages inside. When you stepped outside you were at a grave yard. T- Roy went all out on the tombstones. They read anything from RIP easy-e to RIP skiers and border patrol, all having inside jokes of course.

To start the night off we took couple and group photos by the homie Spencer Smith. Then as the night progressed we had a costume contest which Randall and I were the judges. It was hard with our own costumes being tough to decide against others. Our guy Keith Garrett won though, he was some crazy raider guy, you couldn’t even tell it was him.

There were some interesting characters out. Randall and his lady had a great idea for there’s they were the Roy from Siegfried and Roy ( after the attack) and the tiger itself. Me, I was just some crazy guy that would sneak up behind you and scare you and you wouldn’t even know it was me with my face painted all crazy.

We had a great attendence at the party, great friends and good times. This being our first year it’s just going to get better. It all ended with great 2am carne asada tacos. And a broken ping pong table thanks to my brother. Good night.