The Salt lake boat show is hands down the number one show of the season. As usual, everyone who is anyone makes the trek to hang out and snowboard for the week. ABOX fabrications (Pat Panakos, Wes Brown, Chris Salteske) assembled the biggest indoor obstacle for the second year in a row and the crowd couldn’t have been more pleased. To top it off, Shaun Murray announced every show all weekend long. He’s a serious entertainer, and so is his alter ego Shaunmurray2 who was also in attendance. Here’s a list of all the other superstars who decided to show: Shaun Murray, Pat Panakos, Shane Bonifay, Parks Bonifay, Kevin Henshaw, Erik Ruck, Mikey Ennen, Nick Ennen, Andrew Adkison, Danny Harf, Chad Sharpe, Ben Greenwood, and probably one other person who will call me out on forgetting to include their name in this article. Salt Lake is the Semi-official ending to the boat show season so the riders will soon be back home pumping iron and riding 12 sets a day to get ready for the wakeboard tour this summer. Enjoy.