Ever since I started posting updates on new tricks Matt Manzari does, other people have been calling to let me in on their new moves too. But I've been slacking, and sometimes I don't post the updates right away, and then I never do, and well, I am a jerk. Anyway, Reed Hansen called me last night and prefaced his news by telling me other people get jealous when I write about Matt on this site. He then dropped one on me: he traded in his Four Runner and is the proud owner of a new GMC Sierra. Apparently this wakeskate thing is starting to pay off!

Oh yeah, he also told me about a new trick he did, which is definitely no GMC Sierra, but it's something. Anyway, Reed landed a "half-flip" first try. Basically, it's a dork skateboard trick where you start to kickflip, but stop the board spinning halfway and land back on it as if nothing happened. Definitely pushing the technical envelope further away from wakeboarding, although not a move that should win a contest any time soon. Reed also told me he would learn some new, cooler tricks and keep me posted on those. I will do my best to write about them.