January 30, St Paul, MN – The House Boardshop announces the launch of its new online Team site. Released Monday January 29th, this new feature will serve as the launching pad for many new up and coming riders including local 900 hucking Minnesota wakeboarder Colin Ryan, 8 year old skateboarder Justin Scherer and the well respected Breckenridge snowboard transplant Matt Puodziunas. The House Team site also boasts the impressive resume of professional wakeboarder Collin Wright.

Over the years The House has boasted an impressive list of team riders but according to President Steve Poindexter, “The House Boardshop desires to take the-house.com to the next level by creating a community that is centered on our Team. We will accomplish this by having updated videos, photos and bios of our riders along with their competition schedules and standings. These kids have done and given so much for The House that we feel that we need to showcase their talents. It is our hope that with this Team section these riders will gain the recognition that they deserve. After all we have the connections that can help them get to that next level that so many are fighting for. Call it unfair advantage but these are our kids and we’ll fight for them.” With this dedication and commitment, growth is the key word for The House Team.

It is this commitment to their riders that drives The House to keep the doors open to all applicants. “We can’t all be Travis Rice” says team manager Curt Schuler, “a solid rider with genuine love for the sport goes a long way.” With this attitude in hand the hope is to build a team with riders appearing on the podium as well as your local resort.

For more information can be obtained at www.the-house.com

The House Boardshop has been the premier board sports provider of snowboards, wakeboards, skateboards and everything in between for over 25 years. Staffed by riders, The House Boardshop has a core philosophy of getting as many people out enjoying our sport since 1982.

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