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26 Responses to “The Kook Rides”

  1. FUWKSK8H8 Says:

    Why do wakeskaters think they are so much cooler than wakeboarders? Last I saw they couldn’t clear the second wake…watch a video of Mike dowdy or tony iaconni and tell me that’s not the way boardsports should look.

  2. Robert Absher Says:

    I have made some horrible fucking videos but this one tops all those. Permadouches!

  3. g west Says:

    People that use the number 8 to spell skate or hate should kill themselves.

  4. pointless Says:

    This was just plain dumb.

  5. RILEY Says:

    I laughed

  6. JohnnySalami Says:

    A fresh of breath air.

  7. Cool Says:

    So Kevin Henshaw is broke off and cant catch up to the rest of the boys. They make terrible videos like this of washed up Lidberg.

  8. hahaha Says:

    you guys are so dumb. its a joke. leo is not serious. come on.

  9. gwest Says:

    I thought it was funny too. Love the slalom grip and the goggles.

  10. marioc. Says:

    people who use the letter “G” as part of their full name should kill their selves

  11. marioc. Says:

    people who use the letter “G” as part of their full name should kill their selves haha

  12. poopy pants Says:

    I agree with the first comment, Tony Iaconni has the dopest steez ever! Man I with I could do mobe’s like him!…?

  13. TRUTH Says:

    People people people. This is obviously made to be a funny video, why does everyone have to hate on it? If they wanted it to be a sick video they could have made it one. And I dont think Kevin or anyone else in the videos give a fuck, look at what Keith is wearing… Thank you for the out of the normal edit, it was refreshing! Well, time to watch more gymnastics and straight leg rail riding. Not hating, just sayin!

  14. SeaNanners Says:

    Well Said TRUTH.

  15. slimplepete Says:

    Less freedom = less style and less possibilities. If any wakeboarders are looking for a style reference point then watch some vids of Andrew Pastura wakeskating…nuff said.

  16. Lidberg Says:

    hahhahaha permadouches…Classic!

  17. skater Says:

    look at all these kooky wakeboarders not liking the video cause there arent any mobes in it hahahah i think the point is made. most strappers are kooks

  18. wakeskate! Says:

    it’s obviously a joke just laugh we have all seen the kooks out there

    he should have tried w2w heelside then cut back across all awkward on his toes and repeated a few times

    then just try a ton of heelside inverts to faceplant

    also needed the classic “man i have the 360 i just miss the handle”

  19. RILEY Says:

    Proof that Lidberg is washed up

  20. TRUTH Says:

    hahahahahahaha thank you riley

  21. skatingISbest Says:


  22. Brad Says:

    JEEZ people take shit waaaay too serious… GET A GRIP kooks!

  23. BB Says:

    Look at all the Kooks butt hurt about a funny video. “haha haha ahahah”
    “Can’t stand those guys…”
    You are all solidifying the points this video is making.

    Keep making videos like this, what was great!

  25. Riley Says:

    Keith plays a kook, Absher just is one no matter how hard he tries not to be

  26. bert Says:

    what is the song? Love the video! This is the future of waveboarding!


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