December 12th, 2012 by alliance

We’ve created so many web videos this year on and with the impending end of the world or end of 2012 we thought how could we pay tribute to all these videos? No one has time to sit here and watch every video over again. So it made sense to go straight to the last 15 seconds of each video and mash it all together for the ultimate recap video. This is by far not all of the videos on but its a good bunch and we hope you enjoyed watching them as much as we did making them. Heres to 2012!

10 Responses to “The Last 15 Seconds of 2012”

  1. yo Sick Says:

    Yo that was a sick recap of the year.

  2. porn Says:

    Nice zeaching dylan…

  3. yo sick Says:

    Hey porn , your probably a pussy ass bitch who cant even ride, so why dont you stop hating on dylan for making you look like the bitch you are. ps How does it feel to suck AT LIFE?

  4. Adam Fields Says:

    I’m so motivated to ride right now! Thanks guys for shredding and Alliancewake for posting sweet videos! – AF Wake

  5. Kevin Bendlin Says:

    Thank you alliance for making every week special, great year for wakeboarding

  6. p_nugz Says:

    @deanSMITH where the HECK did you find those boardshorts in white and black?the water refelecto ones that lloook kinda like zebra print

  7. p_nugz Says:

    @allianceWAKE..raddest ‘site on the net.for shiz! stay extra classy

  8. Jeff Says:

    THAT was sick

  9. José Miguel Says:


  10. B Says:

    you guys should put up the list of video names, so we can see them again


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