Thanks to Amber Wing we’ve seen women’s wakeboarding excel to an entirely new level this year. Amber has been knocking down 7’s, pete rose’s, and now 900’s off the wake and may we mention that she makes all of it look smooth and stylish as well? We recently had a chance to catch up with her via the internet so we made sure to found out the “when and what” of what she’s ben up to recently.

So pretty

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When was the last time:

You let your hair down and danced the night away:

Wakestock UK start of July, really fun DJ’s and music at that event.

You beat a male in a wakeboard contest?

Australian Pro Tour when there was no Womens division, i think 2005.

Got a box of free stuff?

The 14th of July from Oakley right before I landed my first 900!!!!

Ran out of gas?

In May, lucky I was right by the WakeGirls dock and they had gas!

Got in trouble?

In May as well, big speeding fine, OUCH.

Injured yourself?

End of June, just a little tweak.

Made a bet?

Reno Casino last weekend at Nationals all on black – came out a WINNER!

Flew on an Airplane?

This week – Monday Wednesday Friday and Sunday

Downloaded music?

About a week ago

Were surprised by a friend?

Reno Nationals, Melissa bought me a present 🙂

You asked yourself “what the heck am I doing here?”

The first day I rocked up to Wakestock UK for Practice day, it was so windy, the conditions were unridable. I definitely asked myself “what the heck am I doing here” after traveling about 20 hours to get there. The weather improved over the weekend thank goodness!