January 4th, 2010 by jeffmckee

Thanks to Google analytics we here at Alliance would like to congratulate the top 5 most searched athletes (wakeboard / wakeskate) of 2009. The names below are the top 5 most popular ways for fans to navigate their way through the entire world wide web and end up at the one and only Alliancewake.com! Thanks guys; we’ll send you some stickers for your efforts!


1. Parks Bonifay – This comes as no surprise; Parks has dominated our sport for a decade and a half and with the debut of the Parks Documentary in 2009, it’s no wonder he’s getting a lot of love from google. Next he’s off to the X Dance film festival in Late January to promote the documentary even further, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Parks tops the list in 2010 as well.

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2. Bob Sichel – Bob broke out in a big way in ’09! He has developed a completely original style and in 2009 made a deal with Company Wake that will surely push his style even further. Whether it was someone curious to see his heel 7 into the flats or just a bunch of wakeskaters trying to get a hold of him to skate his mini ramp, there was no mistaking the fact that “bob” starts and ends with a B.

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3. Rob Jacques – If at any point throughout the year you were concerned with improving your rail riding skills, there’s no doubt in my mind that you searched Rob Jacques on Google. He makes wakeboarding look like snowboarding through the park on his custom design flex board from Slingshot. Rob also became single in the later half of 2009 so I wouldn’t doubt that several of those hits were hotties trying to find their way to his Facebook and Twitter accounts. Whatever the reason for your searches there is no doubt that the industry can finally spell “Jacques.”

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4. Randall Harris - Talk about making moves, this guy has been in the spotlight all year long! From his business with Company wake to his involvement with the New Axis boat company, Randall Harris has done an incredible job of integrating himself into the business side of his wakeboarding. Were not sure who his manager is, but we’d like to get some Vans shoes as well so give us a call? We also can’t forget to mention the fact that on the water Randall continues to go bigger and grab for longer than any of his competition; and speaking of Competition he finally won one of those as well! Congrats Randall!

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5. Aaron Rathy – Rathy dominated the world of technical wakeboarding this past year and also got inventive with the wrapped handle. in 2009 he managed to hit a wrapped bs 9 off the wake and a 10 off the double up! He also had an incredible season on the PWT giving the top tour riders a run for their cash and took our award for Most Improved. Look out for Rathy to come out firing in 2010 as he fine tunes his vast array of new tricks this off season.

2 Responses to “The Most Searched Riders of 2009”

  1. Luis Loaiza Says:

    congrats to all the riders!!! thanks for the inspiration!!!

  2. Jacqueline Says:

    Congratulations riders! You’ve all earned it – One very proud mom.


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