Orlando, FLA (October 20, 2009) – Nautique recently held a special celebration in honor of its 85th anniversary as a premier boat manufacturer. The Nautique production team and corporate support gathered for a meal and an 85th anniversary cake to commemorate this important milestone in Nautique’s history. The celebration was held at Nautique’s world-class corporate facility in Orlando.

Throughout the company’s long-standing history, Nautique has contributed significantly to the many innovations that have progressed the boating industry forward. These innovations include developing the world’s first dedicated water ski boat, creating the first wakeboard tower, producing the Launch Control System, and many more. For 2010, Nautique developed the Optimal Surface Control (OSC) hull for the all-new Ski Nautique 200. This unique hull design provides a flatter wake with minimal trough, creating a smoother exit and allowing slalom skiers at all speeds and rope lengths to effectively maintain ski edge, control and direction.

“The prestigious and well-respected Nautique brand is the result of really hard-working people doing all they can to ensure Nautique customers love both their boats and the Nautique life. I am very appreciative of the current Nautique team as well as those who have gone before us who helped to build such an incredible legacy,” stated Correct Craft President/CEO Bill Yeargin.

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