That's right, the new gear is here, and let me tell you, wakeboarding will be changed forever in '08. It's almost like a group of wake Einstein's got together and invented all sorts of new things for us to use while being towed by a boat. Groovy man.

The 08' Gear Guide is everything you need to decide what stick you'll be shredding, what boat you'll be riding in, and what kind of sunscreen you'll be wearing to protect yourself from those ultraviolet rays. No, just kidding about the sunscreen, but there is an endless amount of gear to drool over while you sit on the pot.

The riders are pumped up for the new season and apparently everyone is joining rock bands now… Bands like "Cobra Fang," "Percussive Thrust," "Sinderella," and "a bunch of dudes wearing tight skin."

No, there aren't any pictures of babes wearing men's jeans, but we do have a shot of Shaun Murray wearing his wife's jeans… If you're into that sort of thing you won't be disappointed because we've actually got all sorts of shots of guys wearing tight and shiny pants with no shirts. Everybody's doing it now, why aren't you?

We suggest you get a job now, because you'll need one after compiling your shopping list. Burn every piece of wake gear you own and then pick up the new issue.

We love you all…