July 9th, 2012 by alliance

As everyone should well know by this point, BROstock is not for the weak of mind or heart. Both athletes and fans needed to be prepared for this event – well hydrated and ready for all situations. The riders are pros,so they made partying their faces off and riding in challenging conditions look like a walk in the park. Check out the action of the $30,000 double up event and party.

5 Responses to “The Official BROshow”

  1. cody Says:

    like the riders said worst water conditions. They took a beating!!! Please bring it back to Bull Shoals. Was awesome at Bull shoals. I just rode for a week on Bull Shoals and water was glass!! and clean!!

  2. hmm Says:

    the only board sport not ashamed of it’s bros

  3. Hunter Musgrove Says:

    better at bull shoals last year but still awesome

  4. insecure Says:

    i can promise the kids bitching here have never been to lake of the ozarks. that place is rad! forget the water coniditons for a minute and realize what brostock is all about

  5. I Speak Bro Says:

    Lake Powell was great, Bull Shoals was decent, but the Lake of the Ozarks was off the freakin radar! The Lake of the Ozarks brought Brostock back to what it was intended, A PARTY!! The riders took a beating, for sure, most have said that it was by far their favorite Brostock venue. On another note, the Ozarks have a reputation of partying and police and officials overlooked all of the crazy stuff that went on that week, unlike Powell and Bull Shoals…


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