March 20th, 2013 by Spencer Norris

Kyle Alberts takes you through his journey as a wakeboarder.

38 Responses to “The Pro That Never Was”

  1. jon Says:

    That guy is a boss. Glad he’s still putting himself out there. His product is top of the line.

  2. dmnd Says:

    I back that dude 100% #falcontits

  3. tsbs180 Says:

    This dude’s TS BS 180 inspired me to go learn one myself. Best in the biz….besides maybe Josh Twelker

  4. John Says:

    Melan pete. So tight.

  5. rod Says:

    Awesome vid. It’s cool to see a little transparency. I met Kyle 8 or 10 years ago when Ronnie Romero brought him to FL to ride. He’s an athlete. I’m sure he’s still learning moves if he wants to. Hate to see somebody get so mad when they ride but this video does shed a little light on why that was the case for a few years.

    Hope he quit smoking.

    Maybe this vid will be the start to him rebranding himself. He’s looking pretty good I think.

    If the top 15 or 20 guys at the PWT made enough $ to cover the cost of the weekend (instead of 2 or 3), it might make sense for a guy like Kyle to give it a go again.

  6. wakeboardSTL Says:

    I first met Kyle and Ronnie Romero at The Boarding School in maybe 2006 or 2007, he might have been 15 or 16 at the time. Spent some time talking with him and watching him ride that week and have run into he and the wakeboard Nebraska guys over time and they are all around solid dudes.

    Good to see he is still chasing his dreams and taking his approach to the sport and I am sure he still has an impressive trick list paired with some Midwest steez that could give most anyone a run for their money.

  7. Scott Stewart Says:

    Ya Kalberts puttin it down!

  8. Mary A. Sears Says:

    Kyle, as your grandparents we love this video, you are such a great sport! Be it wakeboarding or just life you are a person everyone wants to know, hang out with and admire!!!!!! Love you!

  9. Marla Alberts Says:

    Love the video Kyle. Doing what you LOVE, and doing it with a positive attitude. I love watching you ride, the company you keep, and the way you continue to strive to do your best.

    Spencer, you did a great job on the vid. Congratulations!

  10. AB Says:


  11. hmm Says:

    More grandparents should support wakeboarding.

  12. Rob Corum Says:

    That was freaking awesome fellas!

  13. Ronnie Romero Says:

    I’ve seen alot of people ride a wakeboard. Kyle is still one of my faves to watch! The industry missed out on a good one… He’s made so many of us proud to be Nebraska wakeboarders! Great work on this piece!

  14. jake Says:

    great dude and unbelievable rider, we miss you kyle, keep doin your thing bro!

  15. Name (required) Says:

    Such an awesome video. Cool to see the progression compiled throughout the years and the journey that he has taken. So sick!

  16. der Says:

    There are so many riders who deserve a segment like this…

  17. justin teich Says:

    ya kalberts, see u in a week

  18. Ian Smith Says:

    dang, i feel for this guy… wakeboarding is an expensive sport, and a lot of times the only people that really get recognized for their talent are the people with enough money to do whats necessary to stay on the map. i wish it were different, but most of the time if you dont come from money, then u have to work ur ass off even harder than everyone else just to get opportunities… keep shredding man!

  19. Wensink Says:

    Amazing. Kyle is such a sick rider and good dude all around. Kyle has probably landed more tricks than allot of the guys that have “made it” today. Great edit boys!

  20. Jeff A Says:

    Nice work Kyle! You continue to kill it. Shame some brands didn’t recognize what they were missing back in 08 / 09. Keep it up.

  21. Nice Says:

    I’d buy product the guy endorsed.

  22. Kyle Woehler Says:

    Sick ridin, great edit showing the ups, and downside to being involved in an upper class sport. There are many ways to make a living and be able to ride everyday, especially with parks poppin up everywhere, so just keep shreddin, and everything will fall into place somehow. Just keep doin our name proud bro.

  23. Live2ride Says:

    Damn! Can ya’ll feel the love here?! Great comments and a nice change of pace from the usual string of badmouthing people that try hard and love what they do. Great riding and positive vibes….the essence of wakeboarding!!

  24. Travis Moye Says:

    So proud to call this kid a friend and a colleague. I’ve known Kyle for a really long time and always saw something special in him. I’m impressed every time I see him ride!

  25. Adam Fields Says:

    Great video guys and sick riding!

  26. Terry Says:

    I will buy products that he endorses! Awesome riding!

  27. Brendon Says:

    Best riding I have seen for a while! Keep going! Amazing!

  28. Gilder Hatchett Says:

    ditto the grandparent love. we need more of that

  29. Charlton Says:

    You’re the man Kyle! love watching you ride, keep doin yo thang stud

  30. wow Says:

    ive been sayin it for years. kyle alberts.. the dude’s got the best lookin toeside backroll to blind around. not to mention that the vast majority of pro riders are too puss for that trick

  31. haha Says:

    wah wah wah wah

  32. tehehe Says:

    not happy being a pro wakeboarder? make a video about it

  33. illtypemoves Says:

    we want stokage material
    not a sob story..
    fuck the pros. we be lions, and we just be chillin.
    as long as you still have your drive to have the [inland] endless summer and your motivation to get those stacks to enable you, FUCK IT.
    sounds like your spending too much time worrying about the past.
    you dont know me, but take anonymous advice besides “oo id buy your product if you became a business man”, and just continue what your doing. (besides the use of tobacco, thats some colonial shit, we’ve moved on and we allllll know it ;] )

  34. nothingnew Says:

    I agree

  35. dave Says:

    every video on alliance that gets any comments reminds of the haters ball episode of chapel show back in the day. HATE HATE HATE!!! or get a life and pump people up or keep it to yourself.

  36. tehehe Says:

    whats the chapel show? is it about religous worship? sounds intriguing dave…

  37. Thiede Says:

    Humbling story. Kyle is a great rider and a Jedi. Solid dude all around. He’ll still succeed outside of, or parallel to the wakeboard industry. He’s always represented Nebraska.

  38. Steve Says:

    Nice work KYle ride becuase the love dont worry about the past or future


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