BY Adam Aslanian

The projects is home to two the of the most promising up and coming rail shredders the sport has to offer. With some of the best rails in the world at their disposal, Nate Perry and Marc Rossiter are doing nothing but progressing. It seems every time I see them ride they are stomping something new. In fact, Nate is pushing his riding so far, that I don’t even know how to name some of the presses he is coming up with. It is truly fun to watch the creativity these guys bring to the park.

I had an opportunity to get in a sunrise sesh with these two the other day and had a great time shooting them. I guess its just refreshing to see that there is still so many new tricks and lines to be accomplished. To think that rail riding still hasn’t reached the peak of what is possible makes me excited for the future. Keep your eyes open for Nate and Marc in the future as I’m sure this won’t be the last time you hear their names.


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