You ever wondered how to get sponsored? See the riders in magazines, hear about them flying all over the world living the dream. Now is your chance. Ronix Wakeboards presents the Amassault (wakeboard contestants only).

The search is on for up to 4 riders that have their own vision for wakeboarding. Can’t do a 900, never been on a podium of a major contest or you don’t live in Orlando? Not a problem. Instead, we are looking for some cool young heshers that are going to pick up where so many pioneers have left off. Ronix isn’t looking to sponsor riders with the biggest trick list, rather, riders with the most diverse trick list. Depending on how many people show up you might get an opportunity to ride several times. The atmosphere will be casual. We will be barbequing, hanging out and when riders feel like riding we will be in the boat to check you out (including our pro team).

Riders will be responsible for accompanying themselves to the location. If under 18 a guardian must be present. So strap on your gnarly boots and come meet us. This could be your chance to be a part of the foundation of our crew. We will supply the boat, gas, and double up. All you need is your setup and style.

The Projects
The ultimate railslide park will be the home to our first tryout.
September 30, October 1 From 9:00 AM until the sun is down both days.
19454 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, Fl 32820

Carlsbad Lagoon
Westside’s hottest scene.
October 7-8 From 9:00 AM until the sun is down both days.
4215 Harrison Street
Carlsbad, CA 92008