March 8th, 2012 by alliance

Self portrait while driving. #onlyifyour16


-Don’t post more than one pic a day. Clogging up the feed is highly dangerous and often times leads to an “unfollow”.


-Don’t post pictures or tag friends after your 4th alcoholic beverage. Everything is a good idea after 4 beers: Drag racing your car, taking your nuts out in the club, and checking your “taken” friends in at the strip club. Not cool  bud.


-If your friends girl is a ho and you know, snag his phone and upload the titty shots. He’ll understand…eventually.


-To get more likes, hash tag things like #lesbian #boobs and #ass. They most likely have nothing to do with your pic, but sex sells, so capitalize.


-Don’t comment more than once on your own post. Being into your own shit is totally uncool. Post and then leave em hanging. It’s way more mysterious.  For example “On the boat with Jen Aniston” then go cold.


-Just go ahead and spare us the self portrait pic.


-Unless your eating a cobra snake for dinner, we’re not interested in pictures of your food. We all eat food three times a day, every day, and don’t care for your blurry meat loaf.


Jeff Langley coming in hot with 1 like on this desperate food photo…#fail


-Sponsor plugs – If you must plug your sponsors, make it interesting. “just got done wakeboarding : )” and then @ mentioning your sponsors is not interesting, but this is:

“just scored a date at the cable because this new @______ wetsuit makes my package look huge.”


-Less is more. Don’t force it. We can go a day without a post from you, especially if all you’re doing is watching the real housewives of Atlanta.


-When someone comments “hey cool pic what app is that?” tell them to go to the app store and search “suck it”.

25 Responses to “The Rules of Social Media”

  1. jail bird Says:

    you reading this OTT aka Oh_tee-tea???

  2. jail bird Says:


  3. lesbosrule Says:

    Adam should have tagged #lesbian in his self portrait.

  4. alex Says:

    agreed on the food part

  5. Drew Says:

    If you dont like what OTT is saying Dont follow him…

  6. Gilder Hatchett Says:

    Umma big Kilgus film fan but he is bad about the #onlyifyour16….

  7. Bird Says:

    Haha this is some good shit!

  8. Kettle Says:

    Hey Pot get off your high stove! Talk about posting stupid shit. Why is a wakeboard site telling us the “rules” of social media?? Take your own notes home and rethink this. You just posted garbage to get hits and stir up shit?

    My once a month visit to this site just went Quarterly.

    Peace Bitches!!

  9. hmmm. Says:

    ^ AMEN! – Maybe if you changed the site name to “Yobeat Wake” it could’ve worked.

  10. Kettle Says:

    And I love OTT and his posts and videos. Jail bird I’m sure he doesn’t care if you don’t follow. I bet he’s not following you!

    I hope Adam gave you permission to use his photo of him to headline this awesome write up and stoked you’re calling him a 16yr old.

  11. jail bird Says:

    @Kettle I thought we werent going to hear from you for another 3 months???

  12. Kettle Says:

    @jailbirdy. It’s still the same day. Don’t worry homie.

  13. Hahahahah Says:

    The content on this site just keeps getting worse and worse… dubstep, instragram battles and now this?!

  14. real wake Says:

    AGREED… it’s turning into a grunge wake site!

  15. Adam Silcio Says:

    this is so funny hahah

  16. darin shaprio Says:

    I personally enjoy the tremendous picture of adam. He can drive and shoot photos!

  17. butthole Says:

    O ther T iny T esticles

  18. duh Says:

    If you guys just followed the rules you wouldn’t be so upset about this little writeup. You pussies.

  19. Add Says:

    What happened to Alliance?

  20. haha Says:

    Dont worry fools the summer is comming ! booya

  21. steveP Says:

    wtf is this… not wakeboarding or wakeskating. maybe i should check out a water ski site this one has become just as lame.

    do you guys get paid for this crap?

  22. dude Says:

    you seriously cant handle one funny article? Sorry you really wanted to see one more! just one more pop shuv or a backroll!!!??? how are you gonna hate on alliance dude? Please go to a waterski site and let us know how that works out for you SteveP. You sound like a dad wearing a polo and raybans!

  23. 2cool4U Says:

    I found some of it funny and some I thought abuse of power. “suck it”

  24. butthole Says:

    I like slamming my penis in my computer while rubbing OTT juice on my chest.

  25. Adam Silcio Says:

    i drop this link in the comment thread for anyone who posts a pic of their food. so funny


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