Top Ten Reasons Florida is the Best Place to Wakeboard:

gator web shot

This is NOT a photo from the internet; it’s a photo from my personal camera. He’s really just a lover though, not to worry…

1. It’s “The Sunshine State.”

2. We have gators; life threatening creatures living in our lakes waiting to chomp our arms off…now that’s badass.

3. Byerly lives here, and so do Parks and Murray.

4. It was 80 degrees yesterday.

5. The Projects Camp is here…AKA the best rail riding facility nationwide.

6. Where else can you live 20 feet away from your boat dock on a glass calm lake?

7. No one says “hella” or “Wicked”.

8. There’s no rocks in our lakes…just mudd…it’s a lot more forgiving when “running ashore”.

9. You can actually get a decent ride on weekends.

10. Have you NOT seen H2O extreme?