October 11th, 2013 by pressrelease


Throughout history we have continually altered the world’s understanding of a great boat. To begin a new chapter, we unveiled our masterpiece: the Tige ASR, the 23-foot Apex Series Riders edition. Everything we have built our legacy on is embodied in the ASR. Throwing out ordinary concepts, our world-class engineering team started from scratch to build a boat that lives up to the name and is worthy of the Apex logo.Boasting the Apex Hull, the next evolution of the legendary Convex V, the Tige ASR has the most technologically advanced hull design and was developed and refined by the world’s top wakeboarding and wakesurfing teams. The Apex Hull carries the capacity for 3,000 lb’s of factory in-floor ballast and hurls the wake that riders around the world have been begging for. The ASR equipped with the Convex VX will further evolve the wakesurf revolution with the ocean-size Tige wave that has set the industry standard.

ASR Specs
Length: 23 feet
Beam: 102 inches
Weight: 5,400 lbs
Fuel: 65 gallons

For more info check out www.tige.com/apex


4 Responses to “The Tigé ASR”

  1. Bryce Says:

    The president of tige is a piece of work… copied the G23. He is the most unethical business man in the industry. Very Unprofessional

  2. Truth Says:

    The hyperbole this company doles out is absolutely amazing to me. From the top down they are full of $&!#. Nice boats. Never ground breaking. Never game changing. Trying to run with the big dogs yet they continue to play with the puppies. If their boat manufacturing capabilities kept up with their marketing capabilities it would be the first boat ever to float on the moon.

  3. Icarus Says:

    Happy to state to the previous two posts that I have to say I had a similar stance on wakeboard boats that you still have. That is that I didn’t know a lot about tige boats, if anything at all, and that I wondered why anyone would wander away from buying anything but the big three. Then the ASR came along and I was invited to ride the boat. Not that the boat is awesome or not (it’s awesome though), it made me research everything about Tige from the way they build their boats to engines to ballast pumps right down to the hardware they use. Fact is all these companies are using the same peices, parts and engines. Albeit different variations. Even trailors. The difference is what these companies want people to pay for putting them all together. All you have to do is look at something that works well, create your own version and automatically you get critism in this industry. Unless you are beloved in the eyes of the masses the way Nautique is. The g23 can easily be said to have been copied by tige with subtle differences but the g23 is a subtle variation of Tige’s convex v hull that they have been using for years. Tige is a small company that’s growing because of building great boats as good or better for less money with incredible customer service and backup. Tige isn’t going anywhere the same way Toyota didn’t go anywhere when they started in North America.

  4. Icarus Says:

    Now about the ASR. It’s a massive feeling boat to climb up into when it’s on a trailor and that feeling doesn’t go away on the water. It floats very high off the water as well. It is an all out extreme wakeboard boat. The wake was huge. I have been watching my buddy ride for years, he can do a wake to wake double, whirly fives, crow fives, s bends to name a few. When he got behind this boat he smashed out some of these tricks but the difference was that it looked like he had time to take all of them to the next level. Nice boat on the inside. Functional to the next level, Bluetooth touch system that can be controlled by your iPhone. A ton of storage, 4000 pounds of hidden ballast, a thousand of that being the upgraded option. The biggest thing though is that when it’s completely loaded it still handles great.