October 3rd, 2013 by Rusty Manoff


As many of you know, Tige Boats has added a ton of athletes to the team over the past few months and is making waves around the wake boat industry. (Pun intended) The crew at Tige Boats has something else to talk about; the all new Tige ASR (Apex Series Riders edition). Larger in size, louder in vibe and a wake to make your jaw drop. The Tige ASR is a boat enthusiasts around the world are going to want to ride behind. Whether you’re a wakeboarder, wakeskater, or wakesurfer, the Tige ASR has something for you. Designed from the water up, the ASR is an all new design for Tige with all new features. Tige set out to design something for the average rider to the tops pros and the ASR is the “answer” says Danny Gutierrez, Tige’s Director of Marketing and Design. Using computer models and cad designs, Tige is the first boat to go exclusively digital in design. Get ready water people because the boat market just changed again…

Look for more info, photos, and videos of your favorite Tige rider to come in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

4 Responses to “The Tige Boats ASR Reveal”

  1. cliff Says:

    looks like any other wakeboard boat. lets see some wakeskate stuff and wakeskate videos!

  2. Drew Says:

    Did a G23 and an X Star just F*ck and have a baby!??

  3. MA3 Says:

    GROSS.. Everyone is jockin Nautiques out of desperation

  4. jason Says:

    I like it. Y’all try to bash it but have no reason to. Y’all prob don’t even own any type of comparable boat.


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