The Ting Tings
We Started Nothing
Columbia Records

Debut albums that blow up on release dates are hard to come by these days but after one listen to Salford UK’s The Ting Tings, you’ll understand why they “made it”. There electro, dance-punk, garage-pop sound has been compared to some of the greats like Toni Basil, The Knack’s, Blondie and one of my personal favorites, CSS. After struggling in another band, Katie White and Jules De Martino decided they have had enough and started one of the UK’s fastest growing bands of the year. I know I say this a lot but this is truly a fun album to listen too and that’s what all music should be, fun. Standout tracks on the album are the great “Shut Up And Let Me Go”, “That’s Not My Name” and the famous “Great DJ”.