LF Faithful,

April is upon us and that means Spring is in the air… The water is warming up, the season is nearing, and it’s time for this month’s edition of “The Truth”… as always, we’re bringing you fun and informative news about the world we call Liquid Force…

First off, let’s get the April Birthday’s out of the way…
Shane Bonifay turned 23 last week and apparently a good time of partying, lounging, and boating went down… check out Watson’s photographic essay that was displayed on Alliance’s website last week…http://www.alliancewake.com/article_details.php?id=2879. In case the Orlando crew didn’t get to celebrate Shane’s birthday quite enough, don’t worry… Henshaw’s birthday is tomorrow… I’m sure there will be similar photos to showcase after Henny’s celebration. In case 2 birthdays’ aren’t enough, we end the month with Tino’s Birthday on the 16th. Happy Birthday guys! Now back to work…

BROstock is picking up serious steam!
If you haven’t thought about attending one of our BROstock events, you probably should start doing so. The events are getting better by the day… 3 of the dates are set in stone and the list of BROS that are going to join us is growing every day, including sponsors…

Monster Energy will be giving us enough Energy Drinks to keep the party going all day long and late into the night! The crew from Malibu is going to be coming along to party with us at all of them and will be bringing all of their amazing boats! The DVS crew will be coming along, too… last year they showed up to enjoy the festivities and had such a good time that they’re trying to bring the entire crew this year. If you’ve ever checked out www.dvswake.com you know those guys bring a good time with them everywhere they go… should be a blast having them along. Also joining us will be Spy Optics… look for plenty of promo items to be available for all you BRO’s that care to join us!

Now… on to the “official” BROstock schedule…
We are of course returning to Lake Powell for the 2nd Annual Lake Powell BROstock. The event will be held June 8-10 in Warm Creek Bay (same location we were in last year). If you’re interested in joining the party, via houseboat, check out www.lakepowell.com for all of your houseboat needs.

New to the BROstock series in 2007 is Smith Mountain Lakes in Virginia. August 10th is when the fun will begin and it will last all through the weekend until the 12th. For info on where to get houseboats and any other questions you may have, stay tuned for upcoming issues of “The Truth”, or call our friends at Wake and Skateboard Shop in Moneta, VA… 540-721-1941. We said this last time, but we’ll say it again…We heard that “Virginia is for lovers”, so we figured we’d go check it out for ourselves… while we’re at it, we’ll put on a great party and hope that you all come join us for the fun.

Now…the newest location to be added to our BROstock series is Lake Shuswap in Canada. Rumor has it that the lake is amazing and the weekend of August 31-Sept 2 is the big “party weekend” in Canada…. At least that’s what Henshaw told us. We’re coming to town and we’re bringing the party with us… we hope you will join us for 3 days of fun. If you want to join us in your own houseboat, go to www.twinanchors.com to reserve yours for that weekend!

Stay tuned for more details on where we’ll be posted up, which riders are joining us, etc… Check out http://www.liquidforce.com/brostock.htm for updates as they become available. Also… stay tuned for info on the First Annual BRO-shop Awards, and the BRO-AM contest that will be part of the fun at each event!

Tucson Rail Jam…
If you’re a student at the University of Arizona or want to party like you are one, make sure you’re on campus this Thursday from 10:00-4:00. In conjunction with Peter Glenn Ride shop and the Landmark Clothing store, Liquid Force, REEF, and Monster will be sponsoring the 1st Annual Tucson Rail Jam at the Mall on campus in front of the Student Union. Bring your gear and come down and have some fun. Look for the LF Slide Show Rig, as well as LF riders Gregg Necrason, Tino Santori, and Collin Harrington who will be shredding the campus all day long. We hope to see you there!

Maven Sessions schedule is online… sign up now!
The highly anticipated second season of the Maven Sessions Tour is upon us! The Maven Sessions are a nation-wide tour of wake sports clinics for women and girls taught by the Maven Pro athletes. All ages and levels of riding ability are welcome. Last year’s tour met women and girls ranging from ages of 4 yrs old to 61 yrs old. The Maven athletes taught some attendees their first grabbed inverts and got hundreds of beginners up on a wakeboard or wakeskate for their very first time. The goals of the Maven Sessions are to grow girls’ confidence on the water, progress their riding abilities, offer board shape education and how to choose the best set-up for each individual, and to create a local network of girls who love to ride.
If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure and check out the details and schedule for this season’s Maven Sessions at www.liquidforcemaven.com

Shelby and Daniel in Town…
Our NorCal rippers Daniel Doud and Shelby Kantar recently paid us a visit in the middle of their So Cal journey. It was good to hang with them and hear all about their plans for this upcoming summer. Shelby is a newcomer to the LF/Maven program and already has her schedule locked in nearly every weekend this summer. Daniel is coming off of a major knee surgery but has been tuning up all winter by snowboarding at Heavenly in Tahoe. He even did a little R&D project for us, testing out the Watson boots in the snow… http://www.alliancewake.com/article_details.php?id=2846… Look out Burton… LF is coming after your market share! haha

Wamsley Kick Flips
Stephanie Wamsley is Relentless… if you’ve seen her at any rail jams this winter, you know she doesn’t give up… she takes a beating on the rails and keeps coming back for more until she finally sticks the trick she’s trying. Because of that, it was only a matter of time before she started sticking kickflips! We’re not 100% sure if she’s the first girl every to do these, but we’re going to unofficially claim it for her. Look for footage and sequences to be coming out soon!

KCW and LF Relentless Weekend.
It’s Springtime in the Midwest… that is a guarantee of 2 things… the Royals will be on their way to another last place season (sorry guys… I had to say it… haha) and KC Watersports and LF are gearing up for the annual Relentless Weekend! The event will be taking some new twists this season, as locals of all abilities will have a chance to compete in teams which will include a “celebrity” captain. LF Pro riders Aaron Reed and Keith Lyman will be in attendance acting as coaches, judges, participants, and friends. Festivities will begin on Friday, May 4th and will wrap up with a day of open riding on Sunday. All in all it should be a great weekend of KC Barbeque, Cable riding, paintball, and as always, the KCW hospitality. To sign up or learn more about the event, go to www.kcwatersports.com.

TSR and LF equals a busy summer…
Things are heating up in Texas and TSR is already in the swing of spring. The demo room was recently updated with the LF/TSR boards and the event season is ready to rock! Cablestock is set for the weekend of May 11th-13th and will include the world’s best cable riders, including LF’s Tom Fooshee competing for the Cablestock championship. WakeBoarding Mag’s Matt Hickman will be at TSR documenting the weekend’s activities and LF Wakers Aaron Reed, Collin Harrington and Amber Wing will all be in Texas for the weekend, as well. Aaron will be hosting 2 days of clinics at TSR the days leading up to Cablestock. For info on signing up for Aaron’s clinics or more info on CableStock, contact TSR through http://www.texasskiranch.com/cablestock/ or call 830 627 2843.

And in more TSR news…LF signs on as official sponsor of Toe Jam Series Stop #2…
That’s right… LF will be the official wakeskate sponsor of Stop #2 on the Toe Jam Series. Stop #2 will be the Cable Jam and will be held at TSR from the 7th to 9th of June. The event will feature the world’s best wakeskaters facing off against each other in the behind the boat competition as well as the cable lake contest. LF Riders Aaron Reed, Danny Hampson, Kyle Hyams, Silas Thurman, Phillip Basino and others will be competing for the title and will be trying to earn points towards the overall Toe Jam Series Title. It should be a great weekend of wakeskating. For info on how to sign up and compete against the world’s best, go to www.texasskiranch.com or www.byerlytoejam.com.

Continuing in Wakeskate news…LF Wakeskaters are so hot right now…
Need proof? Check out the May issue of WakeBoarding Mag and you’ll see that Danny Hampson is all over the place. Whether he’s filming for DVS’s new team video, N.A.R.L.A., flexing for the Oakley ads and filming with LF Film’s Justin Stephens for the upcoming Oakley film, Push Process (http://www.pushprocessmovie.blogspot.com/), he’s been all over the place. Danny is ready for a strong 2007 summer!
Not to be left behind, Kyle Walton has been gearing up for his summer of winching across America. Kyle’s planning an all out assault on the urban and natural world this summer as he and his crew of Clear Line Productions plans to put together the first “all winch” video. Kyle’s bringing an entirely new approach to the sport and seeing how far he can go this summer with a van, a winch, some friends and some skates. Stay tuned for more info about his trip.
Aaron Reed’s been busy as always, helping with the entire 2008 LF Wakeskate product line, including some new decks that his girlfriend Jami did the artwork on. Her art will appear on his decks as well as Danny’s for 2008.
We’re also proud of our Cover Boy Kyle Hyams… Kyle’s been working hard over the past couple of years to make a name for himself and has come up big with a gatefold cover on the May issue of Alliance. Nice work Kyle!

Standerd issue 1.1 is out…
The first issue is out and we’re feeling it! Josh Letchworth and Joey Meddock are bringing 4 books per year to the market and have started off with a great one. If this first issue is a sign of things to come from these guys, we should all be excited. If you haven’t subscribed yet, be sure to go to www.thestanderdquarterly.com and sign yourself up.

Brandon Lee… Shreducation
LF’s Georgia Ripper Brandon Lee has been tearing it up in the Dirty South for a while now and is directing a great event for Collegiate Wakeboarding that we thought you should all know about. For the forth year in a row, Gravity Research Compound in Eastman, Georgia becomes host to an elite collegiate based, all- rail event and competition. The series has grown and evolved throughout the years. The event, scheduled to happen April 13th-15th has been named Shreducation – A Lesson In Rail Riding. Entry is free to spectators, and camping areas are available and encouraged. If you live in Georgia or the surrounding states and are interested in cheering on your favorite Collegiate Wake team shoot Brandon an email at Brandonpowelllee@gmail.com. Keith Lyman will also be in attendance representing for LF and showing the college co-eds that he cares!

OK… That's it for now… you can stop reading and get back on the water… Don’t worry, we'll return soon…bringing you more of the good stuff we call THE TRUTH!!!!