LF Faithful,
The good news…its sunny and beautiful out…bad news…the LF marketing team is stuck in the office working hard to keep you up to date with the latest news.
Everyone’s a winner in April…The Truth pays off
The month just keeps getting better…we started out automatic winners with Ben “Big Deal” Greenwood month in effect.  Now we’ve utilized the power of technology to pick a winner for “The Truth” monthly drawing.  The winner and loyal supporter of “The Truth” Aaron Tripp will receive a Liquid Force care package and bragging rights for the month.  Congratulations and a shout out to the Maine ripper whose favorite riders are Shane Bonifay and Kevin Henshaw.  Thanks for the support.  To become a winner like Aaron enter at http://www.liquidforce.com/join_truth.htm.
To find out who’s been paying attention to their LF calendar we asked you what LF team riders are celebrating birthdays in April. Joe Whitehead was on top of it and listed the following at 6:00 a.m. (we don’t know anyone that gets up that early…pretty impressive).  Joe thanks for helping us celebrate.  Enjoy a care package courtesy of LF.
Party with Joe and the rest of us as we continue to celebrate the following April birthdays that have already past and the upcoming one for Shchnoods:
Shane Bonifay April 4
Devin Rogers April 6
Kevin Henshaw April 10
Tino Santori April 16
Steve Schoenhals April 24
Slide Show… counting down the days to the Carlsbad kickoff!
Shane, Watson, Aaron, Collin, Tino, Lyman, Benny G, Gregg, Melissa and Amber fly in this week for the kickoff event hosted by Wakesports Unlimited at the Carlsbad Lagoon, April 29th.  The riders are excited about the upcoming rail and double up sessions and already calling each other out on who’s going to step up.  The rail jam and double up event presented by LF, Monster, and Malibu Boats will give Slide Show attendees a taste of what the pros are capable of.  Invited amateur riders will also get a chance to compete and become legends for the day.  The show starts at 12 noon. For more info and directions to the site, be sure to check out www.carlsbadlagoon.com , or call Josh and the “Lagoon crew” at 760 434 3089, or Tyler and the Wakesports crew at (858) 277-5757.  For a list of all other Slide Show events scheduled throughout the summer, as well as a complete list of all sponsors making the Slide Show happen, be sure to check out http://www.liquidforce.com/slide-show.htm.
LF Films, Justin Stephens, Fuel TV…bringing wakeskating to the masses
“Asterisk 2,” Justin Stephens’ follow-up project to the first of its kind, all wakeskate movie, “Asterisk,” will make its world premiere on FUEL TV on Monday, April 24 at 9:30pm ET/PT. With the help of FUEL TV, Liquid Force Films and Josh Letchworth, Justin Stephens brought together the hottest wakeskaters around including Aaron Reed, Danny Hampson and Phillip Basino to ride and shoot on a private reservoir in Utah.  
“Wakeskating has always been a passion of mine and our entire company.  It is very important to us not only because it’s super fun to do, but because it’s helped the wake community grow by increasing interest in our industry Asterisk did a TON to help the sport grow and this latest project should continue to do the same.  Justin and all of the riders in Asterisk 2 are amazing people doing amazing things and we’re proud to be a part of what they do.” Says Don Wallace, Manager of Sales and Marketing, Liquid Force Wakeboards.  
For more dates and show times go to www.fuel.tv .
St. Petersburg Pier…incredible talent competing for big money
PierFest 2006 went down April 8-9, Saturday and Sunday proving once again to be an incredible action packed weekend with riders from all over the southeast coming out to showcase their skills, and session the rail jam! The course offered up two separate fun boxes, flat bars, and kinked rails, all setup within 4 pools total! Liquid Force was out in full force with top riders such as Shawn Watson, Tino Santori, and Gregg Necrason making time to hang out at the event.  Tino’s huge ollie over the 22 foot pool gap, and Shawn’s pool transfer to rail showed the riders how things get done!
Check out www.blisssports.com for event photos, results, videos, and more!
RAIL JAM VIDEO: http://www.420empire.com/videos/Pierfest2006.wmv
Collegiate Slider Slam goes off!
We got a little help on this one from our correspondent/rider from the Southeast, Brandon Lee…  
“The Collegiate Slider Slam made its sophomore appearance last weekend at the Gravity Research Compound.  There were new rails this year including a 70 foot wall ride, as well as a pool gap. Oakley was in full force, with team rider Keith Lyman on hand for some judging and exhibitions. Weather tried to give us the back hand with some nasty lightning Saturday afternoon, but we fought through, turning the Saturday event into a weekend event.  The skies cleared up in time for the twilight “best trick” contest, with the winner taking a new pair of Oakley Thump sunglasses.  Lyman came out and killed it with a switch 270 ollie to the down rail to front board 90 out. It was clearly the best trick landed, but Keith, being as nice as he is (and the fact that he probably has 15 pairs of Thumps in his house) gave the prize to the second best trick, which was taken by none other than Jeff Mckee.  Sunday started cold, but turned out to be quite nice. Corey Bradley dominated, followed by Rob Jacques, and then myself rounding out the top 3.”  For more info, check out the upcoming issue of Alliance Wake Magazine.

Australian Harley Clifford…young and hungry to win
A predominate wakeboard force in Australia, Harley Clifford is said to be quite the ladies man as well.  If that’s even possible at 12 years of age, we’re sure the blond hair and classic “surfer bro” look doesn’t hurt.  The grom phenom has recently signed with Quicksilver Australia and is burning up the pages of Australian Wake magazines.  His setup of choice, the Nemesis 131 and Shane boots.  After riding the boots for the first time he said, “The Shane boots are the best boots I’ve ever put on”. He’s focused for the future.  Training and riding for the competition circuit, Nationals, Masters and free-riding, Harley will no doubt make a huge impact on this year.  Look for him to make in impact on US waters soon.  
Slightly bruised and broken…Stef Tor fights back
The Maven Queen, Stef Tor, was set back a couple days by a disgruntled wakeskate.  The Melissa 41” skate felt like Stef had been pushing it around too long.  After popping up on the rebound the board smashed her in the face and broke her nose. It was pretty brutal and gave her a bloody, broken nose.  The lesson to be learned by all this…treat your wakeskate like a lady, you never know when it will fight back.  
Free trip to Lake Powell…LF making dreams come true for one lucky winner
We mentioned this last week, but we might as well remind you every week…Every person that buys a 2006 LF board or binding will be able to enter into our sweepstakes for a free, week-long houseboat rental, courtesy of Liquid Force and Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas.  All that you have to do is fill out a postcard that can be picked up at a local shop, attach your proof of purchase with it, and send it back to us at LF by the middle of September, 2006.  You can also enter at http://www.liquidforce.com/powell-contest.htm for the chance to win a trip every wakeboarder has dreamed of.
BROstock…Bro’s, Brah’s, and Boats…it’s going off the charts… Have you booked your boat?
What is BROstock you ask?  It’s our excuse to leave the office and head to the most beautiful place on earth.  Tony Finn’s view of Lake Powell:  “Water-ski lakes were made by man for skiers… Lake Powell was made by God for wake boarders”.  All we know is that we’re closing shop and taking a vacation with our entire team… Shane Bonifay, Shawn Watson, Ben Greenwood, Aaron Reed, Melissa Marquardt, and more will be there to join us in the fun, June 9th-11th.  We’re inviting everyone we know including you, your family, and friends.  Book your houseboat with Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas, out of Wahweap Marina, at 1-800-207-8364, or on www.lakepowell.com .  The LF discount code is H30011.  More details (exact location on the lake, day’s activities, etc…) will be appearing on www.liquidforce.com , shortly.  Don’t miss out on your chance to grab yourself a Foam Hand Shaka, either!
Next week’s going to be action packed…over half our team riders will be in town…we’ll be sure to give you the inside scoop.