It was supposed to be the Christmas TENspot but I guess the other 17 wakeboarders I texted (to make sure I got a total of 10 responses) must be away from their phones today.

The Question: What did you get for Christmas?

Shawn Watson:


“All of my bigger gifts are up in Orlando and I’m down south with the fam…My parents got me a gift card to the Apple store so I can buy some goodies at my favorite store!”

I bet the bigger gifts are a snuggie and a life size marble fountain shaped like cheetah lifting his leg and peeing in the pool…

Bob Soven:


“It’s a Tundra fire extinguisher to put out my hair!”

Maybe his dad gave it to him because he has been on fire this season? Or, maybe Phil give it to him and called him a flamer? We love him either way.

Garrett Cortese:


“My mom got the fam tickets for the new traveling Cirque De Soliel show in San Fransisco. Should be fun!”

I can see it now…men wearing leatards wrapped up in long linen sheets and swinging over the crowd pretending to be angels. Sounds fun right? haha. Sorry G just playing!

Shaun Murray:



“Arrived in Dallas last week for Christmas with the In-laws:  It was 80 degrees on Wednesday and then we got 2 inches of snow on Thursday.  Kerri is super pumped for a White Christmas!  My hands are freezing and I can barely type right now. What I got for Christmas was time with my family and it’s been great!”

Jeff McKee:


“My parents are really excited that I am engaged and they are now convinced that I will start doing “grown up things” like cook, so I got a cookbook and frying pans…AND my dog got a snuggie. If that’s not hardcore I don’t know what is. Ha! However, they totally nailed it with the Flannel shirt, Orlando Magic hat and tickets to todays game…Thanks Mom and Dad!”

Rob Jacques:


“09/10 Manchester United jersey! stoked!  Merry Christmas everyone!”

Man this dude loves soccer!

And now for the grand finale:

Collin Harrington:


Collin did not send a description of this gift, but judging by the look on his face I’m going to take a wild guess that he won’t be the one wearing it…