May 11th, 2011 by Patrick Wieland
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This is Dustin O’Ferrall….. The steezest guy your ever gonna lay your eyes on. Gangsta to the T.

This is Dustin O’Ferrall….. The steezest guy your ever gonna lay your eyes on. Gangsta to the T.

21 Responses to “This is Dustin O’Ferrall”

  1. Scout Says:

    yewww nice breathe of fresh air. sick steeze! you might want to stay in FL for a while to work on that tan, son….. ha

  2. Canuck Says:

    This is what wakeboarding should look like. Any surprise that he absolutely slays it on a snowboard as well?

  3. Daniel Brown Says:

    yeah Dustin, steeeez!!

  4. saftey first Says:

    not so steezy when your beautiful locks and brains are splattered all over a slider. wear a helmet kids.

    peace and blessings,
    david the music teacher

  5. Canuck Says:

    Thanks, dad. And a slider is either one of those mini hamburgers or that god awful TV show that ran on Fox ten years ago. Get it straight, pops.

  7. mobydick! Says:

    dustin makes wakeboarding look pretty damn beeeedeeezzzz!!

  8. kaesen suyderhoud Says:

    so sick!!!

  9. Ashley Leugner Says:

    my brains just exploded and splattered watching that shit, yeah dusty!! you da boss!

  11. NObuddy Says:

    looking good on that springboard! what is that waterboard?

  12. hmmm. Says:

    1:46 so amazing.

  13. spicoli Says:

    Dustin O’Ferrall=new favorite rider

  14. snf Says:

    beast, nuff said

  15. David Says:

    Damn now I want some sliders from Chilis. Sick video too

  16. c-lo Says:

    ohhhhh yaaahhhhhh!!! get bucked!!!

  17. Beth Shallhorn Says:

    just murderin it mang!!

  18. yan tibo Says:

    so farrr one of the best style of the industrie ….

  19. Jordy Says:

    I love this kids style! RAW! DOPE SONZ!

  20. Aaron Says:

    Steeziest pokes and grabs ever…my buddy has those ronix boots its like landing on pillows in the flats! Keep it up Dustin so Sick!

  21. Gerald Says:

    How have I never heard of this guy? Way to go!


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