Bob Sichel, the guy in the sky…pic: Cortese


Fire or ice:

Fire, I’ve never danced around a block of ice and told stories.


Fishing or hunting:

I use fishing poles to hunt and guns to fish.


Barefooting or tubing:

I’d rather share the line with a barefooter any day over a tuber.


Switch or regular:

Both are sick bro, as long as its my heelside.



Heelside nose grab front to fakie.


Haircuts: DIY or go with a pro: 

Well… I used to do it myself, until I forgot to put the guard back on the clippers after I cleaned them. I took a nice chunk of hair out in the front and then had to shave my head completely bald.

I didn’t think it was the best look for me so now I stick with the pro.


Skate or surf: 

Skate, I’m better at the concrete wave. Besides, I can’t hang with mother nature in the big pond.


Socks or not:

I’m always wearing socks with my shoes because nobody likes stinky feet. I’m not worried about your feet as long as I can’t smell them, socks or not.


Boxers or Briefs:

I don’t always wear them, but when I do, I wear boxers.


Truck or sedan:

I take the truck, she takes the sedan.


Angry birds or tiny wings:

Don’t have either so I can’t judge.



Bob taking hat he’s learned from Randall and Ben and putting his own twist on it. 


Photo’s or video:

I’m guilty of staring at a photo for hours appreciating it’s beauty, as well as watching video sections over and over again appreciating the artistry. When you see a photo of Randall you look at it and go “wow, that’s huge.” But his video section in Natural Born Thrillaz still makes you sit down and go “holy sh!t, that’s next level.” When you see a photo of Ben Greenwood grabbing and poking the board his signature way, you wonder how to recreate it. But when you watch his section in DRIVE, you know you’ll never have that same touch. A picture can capture a moment, while a video section can tell a story. To finally answer the question… Video.


Pipe or street:

Remember when you were in school taking a test, and you skipped that question because you didn’t know the answer? And when you went back to it you still couldn’t decide between A or B?


Blonde or brunette:

Are you trying to get me into some trouble? Either way, the hair doesn’t do the talking.


bob scar shot_2



Tats or scars:

Chicks dig scars and glory lasts forever.


Mountains or beach:

I’ll be in the mountains dancing around a fire and telling stories.


Cable or boat:

Whatever gets my socks off that day.