Life is full of choices, like whether or not to have another beer. We’re guessing Chris is a “yes” man based on the photo above. 


Mountains or the beach: Such a hard one. I love mountain people but waves are too fun to stay away. Beach.


Blondes or Brunettes: Brunettes.


Left or right foot forward: left.


Wake to wake or flats: Depends on the days mood.


Wrap or pass: Wrap looks and feel way better when done correct. I hate the look of rushed handle passing.


Photo’s or video: Photo’s.


Mitch or Brenton: What! that’s fucked! Haha. They’re both my brothers.


Australia or the States: Australia.


 Chris O kickin it down in Australia. Endless summers and sunscreen for days…


Shoes or sandals: Shoes.


Sunscreen or tanning oil: Sunscreen.


Razor or trimmer: Razor.


Macbook or book book: Macbook.


Kickers or wakes: Wakes.


 Melissa or Amber: No comment.


Wakeskate or skateboard: Skateboard.


Trex or Poly: Trex.


Toliet spin: clockwise or counter: Clockwise.