With his film Defy premiering in Orlando this weekend, there’s no better time to find out what’s going on inside Danny’s head than now. It’s been a hell of a ride for him over the past few years progressing the sport more than ever, and taking a beating in the process. Make sure to check out defythemovie.com to pre-order your copy of the video that will surely blow minds. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you, Danny Harf.


This or that:  That.

Blonde or brunette: Blonde, or whatever color hair my fiancé has at the time.

Mountains or beach: Beach, better hot then cold.

Shoes or thongs: Thongs for comfort and great tan lines.

Vino or vodka: Vino, way more class.

Chopper or chaseboat: Chopper, better haircuts.

Text or call: Call, text is the easy way out.

Wind or rain: Rain my lake needs it.

Boogie board or SUP: Paddle Board really?

HBO or showtime: HBO, but I just canceled both.

Kankles or muffin top: Kankles, but can you really have one without the other?

Gym or field: Field preferably with a golf course in it.

Drunk – Kilgus or Big Spence:   Kilgus….easy one.

Double flip or 1080: Double flip … Takes more balls.

Red or black: I always go black… Usually win about half the time.