Cook’s cover shot from the April issue of Alliance. Signature move with the signature scenery of the Delta.    Photo: Rodrigo

Boat or cable:

Both now that we have a cable in Cali… but more boat


Shoes or flops:

Shoes… don’t want to burn the feet!


Flex board or traditional:

Flex on rails or jibs. Got to have a traditional behind the boat though


On a long flight, book or music:

Music and sleep


Chipotle or Chick-fil-a:

Chipotle all day


Snow or skate:

If it’s dumping, snow.  But I love a good mini ramp


Call or text:

Call if you have more than 10 words to say


Photo: Cortese

Lake or ocean:



Car or truck:

I have both; one to tow the boat in Cali and a commuter


Molded or detachable fins:



1080s or double flips:

Can’t do either but I’d go with dubs