90 percent chance he’s not wearing pants…James Balzer.


Transport: Truck or Van:  

Are we really gonna start with such a tuff one? I’m at  a cross roads, I’ve been a truck man my whole life, but my travel van is such a classy ride.

I’m gonna go with a truck cause if we didn’t have trucks there wouldn’t be tailgate parties…


Coasts: East or West:  

West coast for sure, but I like the east as well. I think i just really love the south, that should be the real question…”North or South?” Cause i would say south just as long as I’m warm.


Alcohol: Beer or Liquor:

Beer, green label O’Douls… my pregnant wife got me hooked.


Nations: Canada or USA:

O Canada… my home and native land.


Sports: Hockey or Football:

There will be no ” blue 42 huts ” on my watch. I like to feel that ice on my feet, come to think of it, I just love any sport where I get to wear a jock


Wrestling – Rusty or Silas:

Well Silas has a better center of gravity but Rusty is way stronger. I would scrap Russ he’s my fighting buddy.


Jibbing: Dock or Rock:

Rocks…long and jagged.


Music: Country or Pop:

Pop is the worst music in the world.  I’d pick anything but pop, I hate pop so much, I wont even drink it.


Entertainment: Book or Television:

Do audio Books count? cause I love books on tape… its like a video in your mind.

Balzer staying warm in the Southeast…


Exposure: Photo’s or Video:

Photos, they’re less noisey.


Payments: Cash or Credit:

Cash, can’t track me down.


Social Networks: Twitter or Instagram:

I’m such a visual mind, I say Instagram for all.


Your baby River: Diapers or Freeballin’: 

freeballin….watching your baby crawl around naked is one of the hidden joys of parenting.