The Essentials:

Age: 15

DOB: 6/2/98

Stance: Regular

Preferred Pull: Boat

Hometown: Lake Mary, FL

This or That

Boat or cable: Boat

Shoes or flops: Definitely shoes

Flex-board or traditional: Traditional

On a long flight, book or music: Is that even a question? Music for sure!

Chipotle or Chick-fil-a: Chipotle is the only thing that keeps me going…

Snow or skate: Gonna have to go with skate because I live so far from the snow

Call or text: Probably text cause I’m a teen haha

Significant other or solo: Solo, ladies hit me up!

Lake or ocean: Lake

Car or truck: Truck for sure, the smell of wet board shorts and gear in a car reminds me of my foot odor

Molded or detachable fins: Molded

1080s or double flips: I’m starting to see more and more double flips so I’m kinda leaning towards that but everyone loves a good 1080