Switch or regular: Regular. My switch is awful. So bad that for photo’s I’ll just turn my boots around so the tail is in front that way all my shit looks switch. Tricks of the trade ; ).


Soccer or baseball: Soccer. We already tried baseball (ok softball) and got our asses handed to us 0-13. The first fully defeated team in coed sports. We’re much better at soccer.


Fishing or SUP’ing: Both. Why not? They’re both fun and when you combine the two you get an entirely new sport. Fupping. If you catch a big enough bass you may even score a free ride.


Beer or wine: Liquor. Beer makes me look like Parks and wine puts me to sleep. Gin and tonic has been my go to or jack and ginger.


Mustache or beard: I have to say mustache because lately I’ve had some weird things growing out of my chin. Seriously, they’re freaking me out. It looks like a piece of dirt, but then i grab it with the tweezers and it slowly / painfully pulls out of my skin. I think they’re pieces of trees or super fat hairs. like 20 hairs stuck together. Should I continue or do you get the picture?


Paper or plastic: Neither. Unless it’s really necessary, but it’s usually not. Like for instance every time I buy a bag of dog food they insist on putting it in a bag before I leave. “Why does a bag need a bag?” That’s what I end up asking over and over. It’ one of my biggest pet peeve’s. A bag for a bag.


Snow or Sand: Sand. Usually I’d say snow but the last time I went snowboarding we had the trip of our lives heli and cat-boarding in endless powder so I imagine my next trip will be a total disappointment. I’ll surf for a while instead to switch gears.


Pow pow for days…SLC, UT. 


Truck or sedan: “Sports wagon.” It fits all my boards and  gas cans, plus a canoe, and 10 sheets of drywall on the rack. I still haven’t figured out how to pull my boat, but I think it’s definitely more than capable of pushing it down the road somehow.


Cable or boat: Boat, especially with what Nautiques has in the works right now. They’ve got some really big things on the way that will surely up the ante when it comes to boat riding.


Blonde or Brunette: Brunette. My wife is brunette and I’ve learned over the years that the brunette’s are way more mysterious than blondes. Blondes are like red Ferrari’s. They want everyone to look their way. Brunettes are like white Ferarri’s. They’re on another level and don’t give a rat’s ass what you think…


Video or stills: Both. It’s way more productive and makes you feel like a star. It’s also funny when they bicker and argue over who gets to sit in the bow of the chaseboat.


Double flip or 1080: Come on man who do you think I am? Haha. Double flip even though I have yet to pull one off. You can grab it for days and don’t have to bother with 12 handle-passes.


McKee has been busy filming for Slingshot’s team video Lipsmack lately, so until that drops, enjoy this video of he and Jeff House on the St. Johns river…