This or that: Keith Lidberg

Flip flops or shoes: Shoes. Because only woman’s feet are fun to look at.

Hot dog or hamburger: This one is dangerous, I’m a hot dog lover.

Rap or country: Taylor Swift, no matter what she’s doing…

Blonde or brunette: Yes, final answer.

TV or computer: Both. It’s the only way I’ve figured out how to watch porn and jersey shore at the same time…

Mac or PC: Mac, because There’s no better way to be than virus free.

Fins or finless: Finless. If you can’t beat em join em.

Surf or Snow: Snow…because it’s easier to get away from a bear than a shark.

Tank top or V neck: V-neck. Tank tops are for babes.

Tits or ass: Ass.

Pastel or neon: Pastel, because it screams confidence.

Redtube or youporn: Hahaha. Redtube. Youporn has too much Russian stuff on it and the audio can get pretty weird at times….

Wine or Liquor: I like wine, because women who drink wine are way classier.

Spins or presses: Presses, because everyone looks better when they’re posing…

East coast or West coast: East coast. The old people smell  better than the hippies.

Gators or snakes: Gators for sure…There’s more gators eating snakes than there are snakes eating gators. The less snakes the better (if you know what I mean…ha).