Every now and then I fire these questions out to a couple of super pros hoping to catch them on a slow day. It’s usually a shot in the dark, but on this particular day Parks and Harf hit me back almost immediately. They must have been stuck out on the golf course behind a foursome of retiree’s…Lucky us.


Blonde or Brunette:   Always had a thing for the blondes.

Mountains or Beach:   So pretty much cold or hot…I’m going beaches all day eeer day.

Shoes or Thongs:  Hmmm. I’ll go flippy floppy’s.

Goldschlogger or Gin:   Goldschlogger.  Its like a shot and a breath mint in one…plus it makes my doo doo twinkle.

Video or Stills:   Stills live forever.

Wakeskate or Wakesurf:   Wakeskate! I love to wakesurf but come on, them kids are  too good right now to say wakesurfing. Sorry agro wakesurfers.

Text or Call :  Theres a chance I may not respond to either one, buuuuut I’ll say text.

Wind or Rain:  Rain. I love the rain.

Fishin or Huntin:  I’ve never been hunting before so fishing I guess.


A lover not a hunter.

Twitter or Instagram:   Instagram but I still love my tweeepple.

Youtube or Youporn:  Whats you porn???  Hahah jk , I’ll go youtube…although both can be very comical.

Snooki or Kim K:   Kim but Snookie is losing some weight so ask me again in a couple months.

Kankles or Muffin top:   Kankles are hereditary muffin tops are not, so I’ll say kankles…Muff-tops pop out of shirts. Kankles don’t pop out of socks. Kankles again.