November 9th, 2012 by jeffmckee

 When Randall speaks it’s best to listen…pics: Cortese


Mountains or the beach:

Definitely mountains.  The beach is cool cuz there’s beautiful women in bikinis but I don’t like the ocean.  I prefer to be in the mountains with the snow bunnies and a good vantage point on my enemies.



Sandals or shoes:

Always shoes!  Might catch me in some house slippers though.  Side note: Sandal pants are lame.  Don’t be wearin sandals with pants.  Not a good look for anyone.



Socks or not:

Socks of course.  No one likes stanky planks.



Black or white:

Can’t have one without the other.



Shades: Inside or out:

Shades at all times.  When you’re as cool as me its always bright.



Cable or winch:

I winch cuz I keeps it gutter.



Boxers or briefs:

Boxer briefs or commando, depends on the mission.



Coffee or tea:

I drink Rockstar Energy Drinks.



Blonde or brunette:

This is a serious question.  Says a lot about a man.  I’m 100% a brunette man.



Tube or slalom:

Neither.  One is for chirrens and one is for senior citizens.



Contests: Sorter rope or longer lake:

Longer lake fa sho!



Film or photos:

I paint on both canvas’.  If I absolutely HAD to choose one I would choose film because the combination of film and music is straight romantic.



TV or Internet:

I read books.



Mac or PC:

Mac!  If you’re not a Mac and Iphone user you’re in denial.



Text or call:

I prefer text because I’m an awkward phone conversationalist.  You gotta be careful though because texts leave a digital trail that can be used as evidence against you in a court of law.



Dogs or cats:

DOGS!  If you don’t love dogs I don’t trust you.



NWA or Beastie Boys:

Niggas Wit Attitudes!  It’s a California thing.



X factor or the voice:

I’ve never watched either.  I cannot therefore make an educated decision.



Candy or soda:

Candy dipped in soda.



Raph Derome or Harley Clifford:

Who?  Just playin, reeeelax.  They aaaight.



Dry suit or day off:

No days off.  Catch me at the skatepark….chuuuuuch!

15 Responses to “This or That: Randall Harris”

  1. rightsaidfred Says:

    I used to be my dream to move to california. Now that I’m older I have come to realize its full of dbags like this guy. I don’t understand how anyone thinks this wannabe gangster is cool

  2. Fred Says:

    Just post videos of Randall cause he rips. Every time he opens his mouth = total clown.

  3. Ryanocerous Says:

    Come on guys. You all need to move to Cali, cause you’re too uptight. He is a laid back guy, with a laid back attitude. Maybe it’s just a Cali thing. Maybe you all will get it sometime. He likes to have fun, yah he might be a little goofy, but don’t dog him for it.

  4. Gould Says:

    Randall is a huge inspiration. Fred a fred2 can eat shit

  5. wurrrrrrd Says:

    Chea dawg dat ish wuz legit

  6. JP Says:

    Stop interviewing this clown.

  7. David Says:

    Randall Harris = Legend/ toughest knees in the game

  8. woww Says:

    I feel dumber every time I read his interviews. Interview someone else anyone else!

  9. they aaaight Says:

    When Randall speaks it’s best to not listen…

  10. Dustin Says:

    Stop being haters! Without Vandall the sport wouldn’t be anywhere close to where it is today in terms of style and amplitude! And as far as living in Cali goes you can’t beat riding on Delta butter!

  11. John Says:

    Look at his indy. 15+ years,and he’s earned the right to say what he wants, when he wants, how he wants. He is a priceless link to the golden era who has not only been able to stay relevant, but somehow keeps getting better. Next time maybe ask better questions.

  12. p_nugz Says:

    its amazing how somepeople cant handle the thug in america. we built this shit

  13. Blackey Says:

    Yea he rips on the water…but he is a total fool beyond that, and 100% full of himself.

  14. iKnow Says:

    Haters – everyone should look and act and speak just like you as there is no value in diversity? I think as a country we covered that about 50 years ago. There is truth in the fact that humans naturally hate what they fear or do not understand.

    Randall is a genius, you just have to be smart enough to hear it.

  15. Brady Sammons Says:

    I respect Randall and I respect his ability, the words that come out of his mouth are of no concern to me, and should be to no one ( and i’ve had him yelling in my face before). But every now and then he will speak with wisdom and defiance, and its truly inspiring…

    He pushes the sport and isn’t scared to be himself, be different and stand up for what he believes. For that I appreciate. With out him the sport would be entirely different.


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